Maple and Vine Production Team

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Elise Hodge
I was not originally going to be directing this piece, but life and things being what they are, well, sometimes you just have to step up to make someone's dreams comes true. I have truly loved this play for all the issues it brings up and makes you think about, talk about so it is really my true pleasure to have stepped up into the role of director for it. I saw a really wonderful production of this show in Orange County a few years ago and have always thought it would be fun to tackle here in at the little Ooley Theatre. I look forward to hearing how this play impacts you, our treasured audience. Thank you for coming to see this crazy tale of joining a cult of a very unique kind. I have directed over 40 shows now, full length and short, and each time have found a lesson worth learning. Previous credits include Sweeney Todd, What Could Go Wrong?, Goodbye Freddy, Fragile Things, Toyer, Look Back in Anger, Strange is Love, and many more.
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Stage Manager/Sound & Lights Operations
Jenni Parcell
Jenni has been stage managing productions across the Sacramento area for over eleven years, including the former SARTA Elly Awards, and previously served as the Sacramento Ballet company manager. She also recently stepped into the virtual theatre realm by stage managing a live production within a video game. She is no stranger to performing herself, both as an actor and musician, but prefers the magic behind the scenes. The rest of her time is spent working in technology, enjoying good food and drinks with friends, and loving on her sweet kitties.
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Assistant Director
Xzavier Beacham
Hailing from Arlington Texas, Xzavier Beacham is a classically trained actor and creative, performing on TV/Stage. This being his first time assistant directing (officially), he is honored and excited to take on this role on the other side of the stage.

Producer Elise Hodge

It is always a challenge to bring any show to life on a small stage and this is no different. Two time periods, two homes, two totally different lives to be showcased and this cast and crew is more than up to the challenge. We are so very pleased to tell this story that delves into so many layers of the human experience: Classism, Racism, Sexuality, Love, Loss, Grief….. 

This crew is a great team of devoted theater lovers and I am so very grateful for each of them.