Sweeney Todd Creative

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Producer/Director/And all the other things
Elise Hodge
Elise has been producing theater for about 15 years now and loves all the things that go into, although doing them all at the same time per show is difficult so if you want to volunteer, I know she would be thrilled with assistance from anyone who wants to be involved! Owner of EMH Productions, founder of the Artist's Collective, and now theater owner of The Ooley Theatre, there is lots of opportunity for all types of artists and volunteers who want to be part of the community. Sweeney Todd is her first time director and producing a musical and she is thrilled to be doing this with so many people who are getting a dream fulfilled from our leads as Sweeney and Lovett to our ensemble team. So many on this show are getting to play a dream role or simply getting back on stage. Thanks to them for all their love and time and efforts for this show. Elise has produced and directed some 50 shows over the last decade and looks forward to many more.
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Stage Manager
Jenni Parcell
Jenni has been stage managing productions across the Sacramento area for over eleven years, including the former SARTA Elly Awards, and previously served as the Sacramento Ballet company manager. She also recently stepped into the virtual theatre realm by stage managing a live production within a video game. She is no stranger to performing herself, both as an actor and musician, but prefers the magic behind the scenes. The rest of her time is spent working in technology, enjoying good food and drinks with friends, and loving on her sweet kitties.
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Assistant Director
Nathaniel Mercier
Nate has been acting in the Bay Area since he was 18 years old with a passion for performing and the arts in his family’s blood. His mother traveled the world as a gospel singer, older brother got into TV and Film acting, and his father did radio broadcasting while Nate settled with the beauty and live magic of theatre. Though he has dabbled in a talent agency and some short film and commercial credits as well as landed some Netflix airtime (13 reasons why) theatre is where he is most at home. Nate is a theatre major from Sonoma county with many years of acting technique and private vocal coaching and singing lessons under his belt not including the various shows he has been blessed to be a part of. He is also a registered alcohol and drug counselor for those struggling with addiction, and a mental Health counselor for the Sacramento community. He is about to get his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from South University. Some of his favorite roles he has played include Don Price in Big Fish The Musical, Ram in Heathers The Musical, Chuck Cranston in Footloose, and Rocky in Rocky Horror. He is thrilled to get his feet wet and enter the world of assistant directing for the first time ever under the wonderful guidance of Elise. He hopes you enjoy the show with razors high!
Music Director
David Willams
David is a well known and respected director within this musical community and we are thrilled to have his expertise with us on this journey. You can find David on just about any show in Sacramento, past, present and future with his compassionate and direct style of working with his casts. We all love David and can't wait to see what he does next!

Producer/Director's Note

It is rare that in this world of creativity a producer or director really gives chances to those who may not usually get an opportunity to be in a dream role. That has been and continues to be one of the many offerings at The Artist's Collective that I founded. It started with playwrights but with the idea that all the artists in this community get a chance to be seen, to be heard, to have opportunity to do things maybe San Francisco, New York, Chicago or other well known theater towns won't give most people. Talent isn't confined to our Hollywood ideals anymore and theater shouldn't be either. I am so thrilled that not just one, but almost this entire cast is getting to fulfill a dream role in this show. I am so happy for each of them as they journey through this music, finding their characters to perform for you. 

This show is unique from the costumes to the staging. We decided to stay small as this is a small venue, which allows us to truly engage the audience and if you want a front row seat, get ready to actually be involved in the show itself!  We are making this a bit interactive but please note, no one will host the barber's chair. We don't want any accidents, wink wink :)  Sweeney doesn't need to use his razor on you live ones out there. Wherever you choose to sit, you will be immersed in the action from the back of the theater to the stage. 

We look forward to you having a great time with us, a band of professional and amateur singers and actors and crew, as we come together in true community theater style fashion to entertain you!  - Elise Hodge, EMH Productions/The Artist'st Collective/The Ooley Theatre