About Sweeney Todd

This well known and often strangely beloved tale of devious machinations, murder, mayhem and revenge also is a tale of love, loss and what drives a person to commit the most violent of crimes. Staging such a musical in our little 35 seat intimate space allows for a very unique and new experience of this often bombastic, in your face show. Instead of having the show flung at you from a large stage, you will get to feel like you are on Fleet Street, wandering with the rest of the street crowd as they weave this tale around you at every turn. Who knows, you may even be offered a shave by Mr. Todd himself. Although we wouldn't recommend saying yes!

Join us October 26th - November 18th for an experience you won't soon forget of the incomparable Sweeney Todd!

About the Musical:

When Sweeney Todd returns to London 15 years after being sent away by the nefarious Judge Turpin who removed Sweeney from London so he could have Sweeney's wife. Sweeney arrives with the still naive and kindly Anthony Hope. Sweeney goes home to Fleet Street to learn from Mrs. Lovett, the pie shop owner below his old barber shop, that his wife has died and his daughter, Johanna was then made the ward of Judge Turpin. Meanwhile, Anthony stumbles upon the beautiful Johanna, whom Judge Turpin is now trying to marry, and they both fall in love with one another! What ensues is a tale of love, loss and revenge with a little bit of macabre machinations that result in am epic tale you wont' soon forget. 

Sweeney Todd was Originally Produced on Broadway in 1979 by Richard Barr, Charles Woodward, Robert Fryer, Mary Lea Johnson, Martin Richards in Association with Dean and Judy Manos starring the legendary Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Lovett and Len Cariou as Sweeney Todd. 

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EMH Productions and The Artist's Collective:

2023 will be the 12th year for EMH Productions to bring thought provoking, intimate and unique stories to life. EMH Productions supports the art of acting, directing, producing and writing through live theatre productions, film, TV and casting.  The mission is to provide an arena that artists in this industry can network, grow their craft and find support to achieve their goals. Bring me your dream project as a producer, writer, director or actor and let's see what we can do together to bring it to fruition!  Success awaits! 

Join the incredible artist's venture from EMH, The Artist's Collective. This is a wonderfully talented group of professional and amateur artists who are working towards their individual dreams, while lending support to one another along the way. It is home to The Writer's Room, where local playwrights and screenwriters meet up to share their work, get constructive feedback and become produced for the stage or screen.

The Writer's Room at EMH and The Artist's Collective

Writers are the backbone of the entire entertainment industry. Without our stories, there would be no reason to have producers, directors, actors, and crew. We are what begin the whole process of bringing to life the world we want to see on stage or on the screen.


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