Puffs: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic Cast

Babak Akavan (Wayne Hopkins)
In the Mug world I am a student at Mcmurry University and employee at HteaO, I like to travel, write plays, read books, and play video games, and I'm a Brave.
Kerry King (Oliver Rivers)
In the Mug-world I am a Munitions Technician, and I am a Smart!
Emilie Clements (Megan Jones)
In the Mug-World I go to graduate school, and I'm a Puff!
Adam Singleton (Narrator)
In the Mug-world I produce KTAB 4u and various other newscasts and I'm a Snake but not one THOSE Snakes.
Keith May (Ernie Mac and A Very Tall Man / Seamus / A Certain Potions Teacher / Professor Turban / Ghost History Teach / Professor Locky / Mr. Nick / Sal / Second Headmaster / Real Mr. Moody / Mirror Wayne)
In the mug-world I teach piano and pretend I have my life together and I'm a Brave!
Andrea Robison (Hannah and First Headmaster / Professor McG / Professor Sproutty / Xavia Jones / Professor Lanny / Runes Teach / Ms. Babble)
In the Mug-world, I work with an amazing group of people to build a better future for Abilene’s homeless pets at the animal shelter and I'm a Brave.
Joe Davis (J. Finch Fletchley and Uncle Dave / Goyle / A Fat Friar / Clumsy Longbottom / Hermeoone #3 / Viktor / Mr. Bagman / Zach Smith / Mirror Oliver)
Cassidy Cudd (Leanne and Ginny / Helga / Frenchy / Mirror Megan)
In a mug world I am an artist who loves hiking, music, dancing badly and has a strong love for british tv, in a puff world I am a Snake/Brave.
Holly Bentea (Sally Perks and Hermeoone / Blondo Malfoy / Rowena / Rita Scooter / Bippy)
In the Mug-world I am a barista, having worked at Monks Coffee Shop in downtown Abilene for the past 2 1/2 years! In the world of Puff I would be a Smart!
Kassidy Payne (Susie Bones and Harry / Colin / Hermeoone #2 / Ric Gryff / Myrtle)
In the Mug-world, I run social media for funeral homes and I’m a Brave/ Puff. (If I can only pick one, I’ll say Puff!)
Mykal Green (Cedric and Mr. Voldy)
In the Mug-World I am a Pharmacy Supervisor, and I’m a Proud Snake!