EMH & The ARtist's Collective Bring you: 

A Season of DREAMS

We seem to be in short supply these days and so with that in mind, we bring you the best of what Sacramento playwrights, directors and actors have to offer as we share our love of the stage and screen with all of you. Dreams are a very peculiar thing, in the ways it can boost our spirits, or crush them too! This year, we celebrate our artistic dreams, from Constellations by Nick Payne to Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell to Sweeny Todd! Join us this year with our myriad of shows from our monthly series Matters of Life & Death to our full length stage productions live streamed to you or join us in person!*

See you at The Ooley Theatre!

2007 28th Street, Sacramento 95816


*In person attendance requests a mask to be worn over the nose and mouth at all times inside the venue. Thank you. 

"Mis-Cast" Cabaret

Jun 08 - Jun 11, 2023