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Donate to CAT and advertise in our Program this Season!

One great things we do at CAT is offer our patrons a place in our programs to advertise their business, shout out an important event, or even shine a bright light on someone involved in the show they know! You can make a donation directly on this site and reserve space in the program for one of our shows this season. Each space you donate for will be good for the run of one of our three main-stage productions this season. As soon as you donate one of our board members will reach out to you (so don't forget to leave your contact info at checkout) to coordinate with you and find out during what show you want your spot to appear and if you have something already prepared or need something created to place in the program. Oh and there's one last thing, each space you donate for are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

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Jun 09 - Jun 18, 2023