Welcome to the sixth street Melodrama and theater


The 2024-2025 season kicks off on Thursday, July 18th will our summer melodrama, “Huckleberry Havoc or, …The Villain Is In A Jam”.

The shows will be performed on Thursdays through Saturdays at 7 p.m., and Sundays at 2 p.m. through August 18th.  All tickets are $12.

This summer, Kelly's Alley Revue will start off the show, with Walla Walla Will and Syringa Sal performing for you.

After intermission, this summer's melodrama will be performed.

Sixth Street veteran Paul Roberts will be portraying Walla Walla WIll, and his wife Carol Roberts, another theater veteran, will perform along side of him as Syringa Sal.  Tickling the ivories for Kelly's Alley Revue is Carl Rowe.

This summer's melodrama has the hero, Sgt. Stanley Steadfast, portrayed by Joe Moore.  Melodrama veteran Dacey Hayman will play the role of Sarah Sweet.  Lucrecia Luscious, the owner of the local saloon, is portrayed by another newcomer, Tina Fletcher.  And Carl Rowe will trade in his piano for a black cape and mustache as he portrays Malcot Malicious, the villain in this production.  Carl's daughter, Laura Rowe, will take over as the piano player for the melodrama. Each of these cast members will also share a number during Kelly's Alley Revue.

A summer in Wallace, Idaho is not complete without a visit to a live theater performance at the Sixth Street Melodrama.

We hope to see you this summer!!



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