Women's Wit & Wisdom Part 1 Cast

Lee Zamloch (Actress and Writer)
Lee Zamloch was last seen in EMH’s Matters of Life and Death where she premiered her play, Speed Dating. She cut her teeth as an actor and playwright with The Actor’s Workshop, Sacramento. She is excited to present her work as part of the Women’s Wit and Wisdom festival.
Joanna Johnson (Actress and Director)
Heidi Schuyler (Actress)
Heidi Schuyler is honored to be a part of the Women’s Wit & Wisdom Theatre Festival celebrating Women’s History Month! This will be her 5th time performing on the Ooley Theatre stage with EMH productions in two years. She was last seen at the Ooley, originating the role of Young Doris in Angel County by Shane Robert. She has had a passion for acting starting at the age of 6 and has performed in many stage productions since then. After a 5-year break from acting in 2016-2021, she was grateful to have found a place to get back into performing, fanning the flames of her greatest passion, with EMH Productions and The Artist’s Collective.
Nathaniel Mercier (Actor)
Nate has been acting in the Bay Area since he was 18 years old with a passion for performing and the arts in his family’s blood. His mother traveled the world as a gospel singer, older brother got into TV and Film acting, and his father did radio broadcasting while Nate settled with the beauty and live magic of theatre. Though he has dabbled in a talent agency and some short film and commercial credits as well as landed some Netflix airtime (13 reasons why) theatre is where he is most at home. Nate is a theatre major from Sonoma county with many years of acting technique and private vocal coaching and singing lessons under his belt not including the various shows he has been blessed to be a part of. He is also a registered alcohol and drug counselor for those struggling with addiction, and a mental Health counselor for the Sacramento community. He is holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from South University and hopes to one day provide in depth counseling in a private practice for struggling addicts. Some of his favorite roles he has played include Don Price in Big Fish The Musical, Ram in Heathers The Musical, Chuck Cranston in Footloose, and Rocky in Rocky Horror. Recently Nate has crossed to the world of directing and assistant directed Sweeney todd here at the ooley.
Raina Bahadur (Actress)
Raina caught the acting bug ever since she starred in her middle school's production of A Dragon in the Mix. After dealing with hurdles that prevented her from participating in plays for the rest of her K-12 years, Raina resumed acting in plays and taking classes in Consumes River College, where she starred in Trepidation Nation, The Summoning of Everyman, and The Jungalbook. When Raina transferred to Sacramento State, she quickly added a Theatre minor to her Psychology major. Raina's first play with the Ooley Theatre was What Could go Wrong?, last year. Raina would love to thank her friends, family, and therapist for supporting her and encouraging her to pursue her interests. Enjoy the show!
Gayle Tominaga (Actress)
Hannah Sheaffer (Singer)
Hannah is grateful to have the opportunity to return to the Ooley Theatre after performing here as part of the PRISM Theatre Troupe's Cabaret series multiple times last year. A couple of her favorite past roles include Ali in Mamma Mia, Dragon Lady in Shrek the Musical, and, most recently, Phantom in Rocky Horror Picture Show. As always, she wishes to extend thanks to her friends and family for their continued support.
Robyn Colburn (Actress)
Robyn is excited to return to The Ooley Stage once again and present a rather hilarious and out of her comfort zone monologue for your enjoyment. She can't wait to hear you laugh and also be touched by this selection. She is a long time member of The Artist's Collective, a company dedicated to allowing people of all types to come be an artist, whenever they can! Happy theatre fest everyone and join in the fun!