PHIL DIRT and the DOZERS "LIVE" Performers

Steve Cabot (Steve Cabbot)
Steve is a founding member of the band. In 1966 he joined the group that eventually became known as... Phil Dirt and The Dozers! A captivating performer, Steve has a wonderful stage presence and a beautiful singing voice. He also has that uncanny ability to emulate the vocal styles of some of the most beloved musical artists, such as Roy Orbison, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and yes, even Elvis! Musically versatile, Steve also plays guitar, percussion, keyboards, saxophone and drums.
Mark Frye (Mark Frye)
Mark joined the Dozers in 1983. Extremely talented and multi-dimensional, Mark has the most formal music education among those in the group. Not just the Dozers' primary keyboardist, he also plays saxophone, flute and bass guitar... and makes a fine contribution with his strong vocals. Mark also has experience in many other facets of the music business including arranging, engineering, production, and composing. In fact, his work composing music soundtracks for TV documentaries has earned Mark two well-deserved Emmy awards. His solo CD entitled Jack Hanna's World is available worldwide on VIRGIN Records. We're all very proud to have Mark as a Dozer!
Rick Frye (Rick Frye)
Like younger brother Mark, Rick also joined the band in 1983... and has made an important contribution to the Dozer sound ever since. A seasoned professional, Rick's extensive knowledge of 50's and 60's musical heritage is showcased in a way our fans have come to know and love. A low key, mellow guy until he gets on stage, his exuberance on the drums is controlled only by the fact that he has to sit to perform! And we've all come to expect Rick's dry wit to appear during each show at the most unexpected moments... which proves to be a favorite show stopper. Adding those great vocals of Chuck Berry, John Lennon and Little Richard to the mix, Rick is an extremely talented musician as well as a great asset to the Dozer sound!
Tony Alfano (Tony Alfano)
Tony joined the Dozer organization in 1993 as a veteran singer/guitar player for many bands... including the U. S. Army 5th Division Band. To put it mildly, he has been a whirlwind of enthusiasm ever since he arrived. As an avid Beach Boys fan and true lover of Oldies and Classic Rock, Tony has had the opportunity to perform on stage with The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Temptations and others. A "Born and Raised" New York native, Tony brings a heartfelt emotion every song he performs.
Craig Goodwin (Craig Goodwin)
Joining the Dozers in early 2001, Craig is the "newest" member of the group... but has been a good friend of the band for many years. In fact, Craig's instrumental CD entitled Finger Tones was produced by Mark Frye in 1997 and recorded in the Dozer's own Phil Harmonix Studio. Craig has been a professional musician for more than 30 years and has performed with such well-known acts as McGuffey Lane and the Byrd's own Roger McGuinn. Craig's range is quite extensive for not only is he the Dozer's bass player... he also lends his accomplished skills on guitar, piano and vocals too. And his enthusiasm for "the Oldies" is becomes obvious when, on the stage, he brings to life such artists as Buddy Holly, John Fogerty and The Beatles. We're all very happy to have Craig on board!