PHIL DIRT and the DOZERS "LIVE" Tickets & Info


Left Premium: $30.00
Center Premium: $40.00
Right Premium: $30.00
Left Aisle Premium: $30.00
Center Left Aisle Premium: $30.00
Center Right Aisle Premium: $30.00
Right Aisle Premium: $30.00
Center General: $30.00
Left General: $25.00
Right General: $25.00
R Back Aisle: $30.00
Left Aisle Back: $30.00
CL REAR Aisle: $30.00
Center Rear: $25.00
C R Aisle Prem : $30.00


90 minute Show

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Your seat is safe and secure, once your purchase is complete.

This venue offers accessible parking

This venue is a wheelchair accessible venue

This venue offers wheelchair accessible seating

This show has strobe lights

The Historic Monroe Theatre