Jack & Davis Reid Performers

Jack & Davis Reid (Jack & Davis Reid)
Jack & Davis Reid are the Grandson's of the legendary Statler Brothers, Harold and Don Reid. They are also the sons of Wilson Fairchild. This duo get their talent and abilities honestly, and come from a long line of entertainment. There is no way to explain Jack & Davis, other than apples from the same tree. These two young men bring a very captivating and entertaining show to the stage every time. They are very proud of where they come from, and honor their grandfathers legacy. Even though they pay tribute to their grandfathers by performing some of their hits, they are also their own show. They are not simply following in the same footsteps, or riding coattails. They do their own thing. Jack & Davis are also very down to earth, and love connecting with their fans. Talking about them, sharing stories, and such with fans is a joy to them. You will not be sorry in coming to see this show, as they certainly know how to entertain. This is a MUST SEE performance, and will not only allow you to remember just how much you loved the Statler's, but also give you a fresh new act to follow and love as well. They're filling theatre's and venues allover, and are coming back to The Monroe Theatre. Yes, we had them here before. It was very short notice, and we had no time to get the word out, and still had well over a ⅓ capacity in the short three days we had to advertise. This show is one you will remember for a long time to come, and you will absolutely love them. Their amazing personalities are infectious.