About Switch It Off

What happens when adults have chips in their brains? They are smarter, faster, and remember more… but when the chips stop working, it’s up to the kids to figure out how to get their parents back to normal. 

Warning: This musical contain kids on a rescue mission, parents who keep acting younger and younger due to hackers who are out to prove a security flaw in their brain chips written by coders who just love science!

Moral: Technology is great, in moderation. Use it wisely. And don’t forget to switch it off.

But wait, didn't Garden Players already perform Switch It Off? Yes, this year's musical is a rewrite of our musical from 2018. 

Switch It Off was inspired by an article from Wired Magazine about brain chips, and by my own kids' love of knock-knock jokes (Yes, the hackers hack the parents' brains and get them to tell knock-knock jokes via song!), and by our Garden Players in-class improvisations.

Garden Players

For more than 100 years, Garden Players has inspired unforgettable memories in the Forest Hills community. Since 2002, children have taken the spotlight with the chance to inspire and participate in the development of original musicals that have gone on to be published with over 2,000 performances in more than 65 countries.

Garden Players kids thrive. Students have appeared in a commercial with pop artist Adele during the Grammys 2012, and achieved 2nd place winner of American Protege competition at Carnegie Hall, been accepted into Professional Performing Arts School,Frank Sinatra HS, and  LaGuardia HS of Performing Arts, performed in movies and TV, made it to the 3rd callback for the role of Matilda in the Broadway show, sung the national anthem at the US Open, become news anchors, musical theater performers and writers, opera singers, theater critics, film directors and more.

Garden Players develop high level skills which allow them to excel in debate, public presentations, and self-expression. At the Garden Players, our actors learn, make friends, have fun, and confidently explore the magic of creativity!

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Garden Players performing “Space Pirates," an original musical by Betina Hershey, Gwynne Watkins, and Denver Casado