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Allison Abrahamse
Allison is the one on the right. Allison continues to be humbled with the honour of being EHS's Drama Director. She has been working in the performing arts for 27 years, and couldn't be more grateful for the team of people that support our incredibly talented students. Good Show.
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Technical Director/Set Designer
Will Abrahamse
Will is married to the Director.
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Prop Manager
Kaya Albright
Kaya could not be more excited for this musical. It's their first one working as an alumni for the program! They are so proud of all the techs and actors alike and it was amazing to see them all grow through this rehearsal process. They hope you enjoy the show! Good show! :D
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Assistant Director
Noah Goucher
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Stage Manager/Soundboard
Leah Crane
Junior - It's her! Leah is very happy to be stage managing her 6th production and doing her 9th production overall with EHS Drama, she loves theater and she loves all the wonderful people she gets to do theater with here. She would like to thank Allison Abrahamse for always believing in her and allowing her to give back to this program for everything it's given to her. She can't believe next year is gonna be her last one here. Good show.
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Assistant Stage Manager/Spotlight
Emily "Griffin" Harper
Sophomore - This is Griffin's 6th show with the EHS drama program. They are thrilled to have the opportunity to return to the technician team for this show. You may have seen them in Footloose at Travis, Mamma Mia in the Dance Chorus, or Jack the Ripper as a Cultist. Most recently, they were cast as Janis Ian in Mean Girls with Northwest Theatre Lab. They are blessed to have such amazing mentors to improve both their performance skills, as well as their technical skills, making them a well-rounded thespian. They would like to thank their family and friends for supporting them through this wonderful and crazy art, their directors for allowing them grace through all their learning, the seniors of the drama program- they are so excited to share this final show with you but will miss you deeply when you take your final bow, and their teachers for letting them make up so many late assignments through the chaos of intersecting tech weeks and rehearsal- they love you all very much. They also apologize for all the un-precise language used in this bio. Remember to be like Asher- take every opportunity you get, it could introduce you to something you love. Good show!
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Floor Manager
Kira Mcgaughey
Junior - Kira has been a tech for many productions and is excited to be a part of another wonderful show.
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Assistant Floor Manager
Danika Ostrum-Borland
Junior - Danika has been apart of many shows and is excited to be apart of another amazing show.
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Prop Assistant
Zephyrus Maloney
Junior - Zephyrus has done all the drama shows in their high school career since the beginning of freshman year! They are very grateful to their friends and drama department for helping them grow as a person.
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Costume Assistant
Victoria Bradley-Woods
Senior - Leah, you should make me a funny one nuh uh - Leah :)
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Brogan Anderson
Senior - In all environments Brogan is a happy person trying to love and care for others by lifting there spirits or being there when they need him. He needs to thank everyone of his friends,family and teachers for all they have done for his path to where he is now.
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Nolan Watts
Sophomore - This is Nolan's 6th show and His 3rd one as a technician

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