The Giver Cast

Ethan Harding (Father)
Senior - Ethan would like to thank the entire team for being encouraging and welcoming me into this program. They previously haven’t been apart of any drama production and are grateful for this experience they have been given. Thank you to the directors and everyone coming to support us!
Emma Robertson (Mother)
Senior - Emma is so excited to be doing her last show at EHS drama. It’s bittersweet, but her years here have taught her so much, given her such a big family, and convinced her to try things she never had before. She wants to thank so many people they couldn’t all be listed here, so if they’re in drama, it’s a good bet they’d be on that list. She’s going to miss all her friends, but will think of them all the time (while trying not to get too homesick). She wants to give a special thanks to Allison. Emma wouldn’t be where she is now without her. Previous Shows: She Kills Monsters-Cheerleader, Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time, Little Shop of Horrors- Mrs. Luce, Midsummer- Peaseblossom, Alice in Wonderland- The Cook, Footloose- Ethel McCormack, Steel Magnolias- Clairee, Jack the Ripper- Polly Poole, Mamma Mia- Rosie
Cal Currier (Lily)
Junior - This is Cal's first year being a part of drama, she was a costume tech for Jack The Ripper and a floor tech for Mamma Mia, But this is the first play she is acting in. she is really excited and thankful for having the opportunity to play Lily for all of you guys!
Colin McCann (Jonas)
Senior - Though Colin has been apart of multiple of EHS’s musical productions such as last years production of Footloose and this years Mamma Mia production this is his first ever play production with EHS. He is so excited for you to see all the hard work that the cast and crew has put into this show. He would like to thank his family and friends for all the amazing support that they have provided him with. He also would like to give a special thanks to his director Allison who entrusted and allowed him this awesome experience and learning opportunity. Good show!
Titus McCollaum (Asher)
Freshman - This is Titus' first lead/speaking role, and he couldn't be more proud and excited for himself and all his peers. Asher is a role he's been hoping for since he knew The Giver was a theatrical preformance, and he's more than happy to be putting this wonderful story on for everybody. He would like to thank everybody on this tight-knit cast and crew for making this show happen, he'd like to thank his directors for giving him the assistance and making this show a great learning experience, and his friends & family for always supporting him.
Kena Baird (Fiona)
Sophomore - Kena Baird is a sophomore at enumclaw high school. she loves to act, sing, and dance. she previously was on the dance chorus in Mamma Mia the musical and has been snoopy in the play a Charlie Brown Christmas when she was little. theater is like family to kena and she loves to perform on stage with such a talented group of people. she would like to thank her family and directors for being so supportive. Good show!!
Ryann Sweetser (Larissa)
Senior - Ryann is so so excited to be participating in The Giver as it will be her last show at EHS. She would like to thank her family, teachers and friends who have supported her throughout the years in pursuing her true passion for the arts. Ryann would also like to give a special thanks to Allison for providing her a safe space within the theater, and her older sister Kelsey and brother-in-law Matt for always believing in her. Ryann plans to continue with the arts after graduating at Savannah College of Art and Design where she will be double majoring in acting and illustration. She hopes everyone knows how important these shows have been to her and how much of an impact they have made on her life. Previous shows: Sherlock Holmes and The Portal of Time: Technician, Little Shop of Horrors: Puppeteer, A Midsummer Nights Dream: Robin Starvling/ Moonshine, Alice in Wonderland: 7 of Hearts, Footloose: Lyle/ Chorus Member, Steel Magnolias: Shelby, Jack the Ripper and the Monster of Whitechappel: Hogarth and Mamma Mia: Dance Chorus
Sienna Zielie (Chief Elder)
Sophomore - Sienna is SO EXCITED to be in another show!! she loved her time as an actor in Footloose and Mamma Mia, as well as her time being a tech in Steel Magnolias and Jack The Ripper. This is her first time in a play, and she is so honored to do this with so many other talented people. She would like to thank her family, her friends, and her boyfriend for supporting her through long nights of memorization, and many, many Taco Bell runs.
Sophia Turner (Giver)
Junior - Sophia is sad to be parting ways with one of her best friends Colin McCann, however, she is incredibly thankful he auditioned for this show. She’s had so much fun acting along side him, and the other seniors one last time. Sophia has fallen in love with acting, and has been glad to be challenged with the role of The Giver. Good show to everyone!
Alex Carroll (Rosemary)
Sophomore - Alex is over the moon to be able to help make this story come to life in a way she hasn't been able to before. Though it is strange for them to be on the stage rather than in her spotlight booth, they still hope you enjoy the hard work she put in. This is not Alex's first time being in a production, they've been in all the shows from Alice in Wonderland to Mamma Mia as a tech and she has had prior acting experience before making it to "The Giver"'s stage. They thank you all for coming to see the show and hope you have as much fun watching it as she had performing it.
Gabriel Carlson (Announcer #1)
Junior - Gabriel Carlson is excited to be in third productioon at EHS. You might have seen him as one of the Dance Chorus members in Mama Mia earlier this year. He enjoys being in Concert Choir and Mens Choir at EHS. Gabriel is super exited for The Giver because it is his first regular play. Gabriel is currently in running start. He want to thank Mrs. Abrahamse, and Mr. Goucher for being such amazing directors!
Syrie Hunt (Announcer #2)
Junior - Syrie is excited to be apart of the Giver! Throughout her 3 year here, she has enjoyed being apart of multiple shows, including(but not limited to) Little Shop of Horrors and Footloose, and she is excited to be apart of many more! She thanks you for coming, and enjoy the show!
Adam Dofelmier (Extra)
Junior - Adam is so excited to be apart of this production of The Giver. Adam is 17 and a Junior. He just got done with playing Bill Austin in our production of Mamma Mia. He's had a blast getting to know this story better every day. He'd like to thank this wonderful cast for the energy they bring to the stage everyday!
Ava Smith (Extra)
Sophomore - Ava is excited to be apart of this years spring performance. This is her first play for the high school and has enjoyed making many new friends. She would like to thank her friends and family for encouraging her to audition.
Bo Mukai (Extra)
Freshman - This is Bo's third show! Bo has been a floor tech in Jack the Ripper, and Assistant Stage Manager/Mic tech in Mamma Mia, and now they're finally going to be on stage! Bo thanks Griff, V, and Leah for keeping them sane. Enjoy the show!
Benny Rae (Extra)
Sophomore - Benny Rae is an extra for the giver, he was Officer O'Connell in Jack the riper, and the Frog Footman in Alice and Wonderland. He helped edit the memory scenes in this show. He wants to do acting and film making professionally when he is an adult.
Evelyn Austell (Extra)
Sophomore - Evelyn is an ambitious sophomore here at EHS. She’s working on gaining more experience in the drama department, and is loving the new atmosphere! She’d like to thank her friend Louisa for supporting her at rehearsals and outside of them. She owes a huge thank you to her mom for encouraging her to audition, and both parents for being the best cheerleaders she could ask for. Evelyn would also like to thank her friends in the cast, both new and old, for being so kind and welcoming! She hopes the show is as fun to watch as it was to be a part of.
Frieda Gaertner (Extra)
Senior - This is Frieda's first and only year at EHS drama and she is very thankful that she got to be a part of this amazing family. She was an actor during the fall play Jack the ripper and played the role of Pegeen. During Mama Mia she was a tech and moved the bed with her friend Cal. Now in The giver she is an actor once again. She is playing as an extra and is excited to share the stage with this amazing family one last time. Good Show everybody.
Lexy Downing (Extra)
Freshman - Lexy is a freshman in highschool, she really loves plays and musical, it's always been her dream to be in them. She has done ballet when she was in her elementary years, she was in the "most epic birthday party ever" musical last year in thunder mountain middle school last year, this year she has been in the "Jack the ripper play" and "Mamma Mia" this year. She's super excited to be in this last play of the year. Good show!
Louisa Stuenkel (Extra)
Sophomore - Louisa is thrilled to be a part of this unique experience. Louisa was a part of Footloose and Steel Magnolias her freshman year and now Mamma Mia and The Giver as a sophomore. She wants to thank her parents for their never ending support and her friends for all the special moments they've had together this year. Good show!
Max Grantham (Extra)
Freshman - Max may only be a extra but he is eager to be apart of this performance and see the amazing work from everyone involved. He can’t wait for everyone to be able to experience the magic that is this show and is so grateful to be able to take part in the production.
Ryleigh Enticknap (Extra)
Freshman -
Rhett Ash (Extra)
Sophomore - Rhett is very thankful for the opportunity to vibe on stage again, he wishes everyone very good luck and good show
Silver Velez (Extra)
Sophomore - So excited to not be a tech.
Stella Hicks (Extra)
Freshman - Stella is so excited to play an extra in The Giver!! This will be her 7th official show, going all the way back to 2nd grade. She has a passion for acting, and would love to pursue it as a career! She wants to thank her friends, family, and directors/ alumni! Good show!!
Vic Heckman (Extra)
Sophomore - Vic is incredibly grateful at the chance to be in a second show as an actor. Previously, Vic had only been a technician, but he got a role in Mamma Mia and now The Giver. He's thankful for all the people he got to work with.