About Keep On Laughing

They’re back! The ladies of Exit Laughing are as zany and funny as ever, but now Connie’s daughter, Rachel, has married her 28-year-old stripper boyfriend, Bobby, and they are expecting twins. Connie, Leona and Millie have been touring the world and having the time of their lives, returning to tell hysterical stories of their adventures. But this time, one of their adventures has gotten out of hand. Level-headed Connie has met a man in Paris, and he’s proposed to her. Everyone should be happy, but Rachel and Bobby are not—Connie’s new boyfriend is the same age as Bobby. Join the ladies once more as they discover all the fun you can have if you look at life in new ways.

Chamberlayne Actors Theatre

In the spring of 1964, a group of neighbors met at the new NCCA building and decided they wanted to form a community theatre group. They had no idea that they were planting the seeds for what is now a well regarded professional theatre that has endured for over 50 years.