About Meteor Shower

On a warm, summer night in Ojai, California, in the valley outside of Los Angeles Norm and his wife, Corky, are hosting a dinner party. They invite Norm’s tennis partner, Gerald, and his wife, Laura, over for an evening of polite small talk while they watch a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower from their backyard. However, as the night goes on, the dinner party begins to spiral out of control. The couples begin to flirt and wild antics ensue. 

**Meteor Shower is a hilarious comedy written by THE Steve Martin and is intended for mature audiences**

Chamberlayne Actors Theatre

We have always loved Steve Martin’s comedy and this play is a hilarious take on the anxiety surrounding modern marriage. Each of the four characters is over the top in some way, and we are excited to explore the absurdist world that unfolds. We hope that audiences will be drawn in by the offbeat humor in the script as we are. If you are looking for big laughs and a totally unexpected story, this is the show for you!