Exit Laughing Cast

Cindee Rolston (Connie)
Cindee has recently returned to acting, having focused for years on her roles as Clinical Psychologist and mom IRL. Drawing on her minor in Theatre and her training in Vaudeville-era Melodrama, she's recently performed in ReImagined Readings at Lily's Dinner Theatre Salon (Artie in "Eleemosynary" and Evelyn in "Kindertransport”), as well as two stagings of Raymonde Goode's "Through Their Eyes.” She appreciates her loving and patient family, shares gratitude and adoration for the AMAZING cast and crew of "Exit Laughing," and sends out (to You-Know-Who-You-Are!) a special "thank you for believing in me.”
Payton Vernier (Rachel)
Payton is thrilled to be a part of this production! She has loved spending every second with this amazing cast and crew while bringing this vision to life. Payton graduated from Longwood University with a BF in Theatre Education and teaches middle school Speech & Drama. Some of her favorite roles include: Cloe in "Portrait," Nina in "Stupid F^#&ing Bird" and Carrie in "Carrie." She would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support and hopes you enjoy the show!
Crystal Oakley (Leona)
Crystal Oakley says it is always great to pounce onto the CAT stage again, especially with this anything but a kitten character of Leona. Finicky? No, but this gal definitely needs to be declawed! Last seen as KC in "A Hotel on Marvin Gardens," other roles include: Annelle, Shelby, and M'Lynn in "Steel Magnolias," Ellie in "Father of the Bride," Crimson in "Winner Takes All" and the list goes on....Short film series: Protection of the Diverse, Insured and Calculated. Fun fact: Appeared in the first commercial for Kings Dominion when there was a monorail. Ann, you are the "CAT'S MEOW," no doubt about it!
Laura McFarland-Bukalski (Millie)
Laura McFarland-Bukalski was last seen on the CAT stage as Big Ethel in "A Doublewide, Texas Christmas." She is excited to be back on the CAT Stage with this great, hilarious group! Many thanks to our Director for casting her again after 41 years! As always, much love to her family - and a big THANK YOU to Ma and Daddy for everything. Enjoy the show!
Kaiyden Dunn (Bobby)
Kaiyden is honored to be performing the role of Bobby and bare it all in “Exit Laughing” alongside such talented cast members. Kaiyden has performed in roles such as Eric Hofling from “The Last Train,” as well as Vito from “Look Me in the Eye.” He is an avid cinema buff who enjoys watching movies and script writing. He wishes to thank his mother who has encouraged his dreams since the beginning. He credits the success of “Exit Laughing” to Ann Davis, a true breath of fresh air within the theatre community and a marvelous director.