Our Place Cast

Laiken Clarke (Holly)
Laiken Clarke is ecstatic to be back onstage as Holly in ‘Our Place’. Laiken enjoys dancing, choreographing, modeling, and acting. Some of her previous roles include Little Pig #1, Rat Dancer, Duloc Dancer, and Dance Captain in Shrek the Musical. (Bryant High School) As well as Angela Anderson in Dogecoin Billionaire. (Short film.) Laiken would like to thank her dad, mom, Shamra, and Jason for always being so supportive and caring for everything she does. She would also like to thank Mr. Clay and the 22-23 Stage Management class for all of the opportunities acting has brought her and for the great memories made this season!
Jase Gladden (Jake)
Jase Gladden (11th grade) is ecstatic to come back to the Love Auditorium stage to play the role of Jake in ‘Our Place.’ Another role you can recognize Jase from is the role of Lord Farquaad in ‘Shrek the Musical.’ Jase is an inducted member of the Bryant High School Thespian Troupe 8855 and he would like to thank his family and Mr. Jeremy Clay for being supportive!
Jordyn Purtle (Anne)
Jordyn Purtle is ecstatic to appear in another performance with the Bryant Theatre Company. You may have seen her previously performing with the company in Shrek the Musical (Little Pig #3, Rat Tap Dancer, and Duloc Dancer) or at the Argenta Community Theater in Moana Jr. (Chief Ancestor Captain). She is excited for this season and hopes you enjoy Our Place!
Asher Bird (Lyle)
Asher is a junior at Bryant high school who has been in one pervious play. He is a part of hornet media (the high school news team) and is in charge of the podcast. He is also on the swim team for Bryant high school.
Amelia Johnson (Beth)
Amelia Johnson , a 10th grader at Bryant High School, is thrilled to be performing in the Bryant Theater Program’s Our Place. She has performed as Pinocchio in Shrek the Musical but is overjoyed to be taking on her first one-act with such a talented cast and crew. In addition to theater, Amelia enjoys playing the alto sax in Bryant’s remarkable bands as well as singing in the school’s outstanding choir organization. She thanks her grandparents, family, friends, and teachers for encouraging her passionate pursuit of the arts.
Cameron Bryce Hastings (Jonathon/Al)
Cameron Hastings is a Junior at Bryant High school. He is excited to be playing Jonathan and Al in Our Place. His other/favorite theatre experiences include Max in Henry’s Law, Quince in Midsummer nights dream, and even White Rabbit in Shrek. He thanks Mr. Clay for this wonderful opportunity and hopes you enjoy the show.
Teri Dodd (Sherry)
This is Teri. This is her second year of doing theater, she has ushered for the fall play last year, and she was a few characters in the spring musical shrek. She is also in Thespian’s and this will also be her second year doing that. She has grown doing theater and its brought out a good side of her that makes her happy.
Leilani McKay (Nicky)
Leilani McKay is a Junior at Bryant High School, and is thrilled to play Nicky in Our Place and be on Set. Her previous roles and duties include, Publicity/Fairy God Mother in Shrek The Musical; Head of Costumes/Juror Two in Twelve Angry Jurors; Barbara in #VIRAL; Mrs. Jenkins in FIRE EXIT; and Mama Pig in A Fairytale Network.
Delaney Self (Brenda)
Delaney Self is a 10th-grade student at Bryant High School. She is excited to be having her acting debut as Brenda in Our Place. Rehearsing with Bryant’s talented theater program has been an unparalleled experience, and performing in the scene “Famtime” will create memories to last a lifetime. Outside of school, Delaney is on a league softball team. She is deeply grateful to her mother, teachers, and friends for supporting her acting endeavors.
Altayveon Gardner (Corey)
Altayveon has been in one show prior to Our Place , he was most known for his role has the big bad wolf in Shrek and also created Fiona’s tower along side his friends. He is very excited to continue his love for acting and he would love to thank his parents Christina and Robbie Smith for supporting him throughout his love for the acting life.
Lyndsey Abbott (Liberty)
This is Lyndsey Abbott. Lyndsey is a senior, and she is normally seen performing with Bryant Choirs. She’s in Camerata, Bella Voce, and Treble Chorus. This is her first theatre production at Bryant High School. This is her first year pursuing theatre, and she’s very excited to play Liberty in Our Place!
Lanlea Page  (Sidney)
This is Lanlea’s first year in Stage management or anything acting.
Chassitie Shephard (Stacey)
This is Chassitie’s very first year in stage management and her second in Thespians. She has been in ensemble for the group musical “You Happened” from The Prom, and is so excited to play a roll opposite of how she truly is in Our Place this month. She would like to thank her Mom and Stepdad, Meghan and Justin Thompson for supporting her hobby. She is so excited for this season and cannot wait to see what it has in store!!