The God Committee Cast

TBA (Dr. Kierra Banks)
(Female, Late 20’s) – Surgical Fellow under Surgical Head Dr. Peter Felker, who is rushing to the hospital with the fresh transplant. She’s the innocent one, torn over the ultimate decisions she’s asked to make.
TBA (Nellie Larkin, R.N.)
(Female, 30’s to 50’s) – the down-to-earth Registered Nurse who is the Cardiac Transplant Coordinator, who juggles the phones, a wayward intercom and a noisy St. Patrick’s Day Parade outside.
TBA (Dr. Alex Gorman)
(Male, 30’s – 50’s) – a surly and opinionated cardiac surgeon. He aspires to be next head of the Transplant Unit, but is a young, hotshot doctor who is tart and arrogant without an ounce of bedside manner.
TBA (Dr. Jack Klee)
(Male, 40-60’s) – Older cardiologist; has been at St. Patrick’s Hospital for 19 years, though it feels twice that. Director of the Transplant Unit until a bout with cancer; has not resumed his post.
TBA (Dr. Ann Ross)
(Female, 40’s) Psychiatrist working hard to hide the stress she is under; conflicted over the suicide of her daughter and is blaming herself.
TBA (Father Charles Dunbar)
(Male, 50-60’s) – A widower who came late to the Catholic priesthood, and is also a corporate lawyer, who sits in to see that everything is legit to forestall lawsuits.
TBA (Domemick Peiro)
(Male, 20-40’s) – Head of Social Services. Unable to walk due to a spinal injury; he pilots a mechanized scooter. He is the humane social worker who dispenses jokes and tries to calm everyone.
TBA (Dr. Peter Felker)
(Voiceover) - Veteran cardiac surgeon, voice heard on the speakerphone – never appears on stage.