Wrong Window! Cast

TBA (Jeff Elbies)
38-45. Debonair, quick- witted, funny and practical.
TBA (Robbie)
38-45. Jeff’s best friend. Very lovable and somewhat naive.
TBA (Thor Larswald)
Mid-fifties. Larger man. Menancing and quick to anger.
TBA (Loomis)
40-60. Apartment building handyman. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Slow on the uptake and very lazy.
TBA (Dective Doyle Thomas)
A weathered, hard-boiled Detective.
TBA (Marnie Elbes)
33-40. Adventurous, witty and the mystery writer wife of Jeff. She matches him in every way.
TBA (Midge)
33-40.-Robbie’s better half. Finds everything he says fascinating and funny. She’s a nosy body and a follower.
TBA (Lila Larswald)
24-30. Sexy but a hell cat. Much younger wife of Lars. Must be agile and flexible. Will be hanging from a hook!