Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy (Really) Cast

Maddie Hill (Mina Harker)
I work at the Paramount Abilene as the Operations Assistant, my favorite movie monster is Maleficent because I like that she can turn into a dragon. My favorite feminist would have to be Lady Gaga!
Leo García  (Dracula)
A physically imposing man. He is.... extremely confident. Strong. Funny. Charming. Sexy. You’d like him, reader - no, really, you would. He makes people lose their heads. Manipulative. Commanding. Capable of being very, very frightening. Unpredictable. Physically strong. Incredible with language. Unimaginably powerful. Brilliant. Casually takes pleasure in cruelty. An equal-opportunity sexual sadist. A toxic predator; a wolf in the fold; a very old and clever parasite, capable of adapting and surviving. Fundamentally enjoys himself.
Mary Hardegree (Doctor Van Helsing)
I am the Managing Editor for ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers as well as a freelance book editor. My favorite movie monster is probably the xenomorph queen from Alien. There are many feminists I admire, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Viola Davis, and Marsha P. Johnson are at the top of my list.
Eva Chance (Lucy Westenra)
I am a Staff Engineer at eHT. My favorite monsters are Zombies. My favorite feminist is Greta Thunberg.
Kenny Cook (Jonathan Harker)
Current occupation: writing. Favorite Feminist: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Favorite monster: Frankenstein's Monster
Adam Singleton (Doctor George Seward)
I am the producer of KTAB 4u. My favorite movie monster is the T-1000 and my feminist hero is Dolly Parton.
Holly Bentea (Drusilla/Merchant/Miller)
I am a barista working at Monks Coffee Shop downtown! I also work at Caitie Pies and use my spare time to help out All Kind Animal Initiative. My favorite monster is probably the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. Or dragons. Dragons are extremely cool.There are many incredible feminists I regard highly but a few of my favorites are Maya Angelou, Bell Hooks and Greta Gerwig. 
Emelie Clements (Marilla/Maid)
I am a Graduate Student at Luther Seminary and Group Fitness Instructor at Crunch Fitness. My favorite monster is the Abominable Snowman (Bumble) from the claymation RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. (Fun fact, I don't like scary movies!). The feminist I admire the most is bell hooks.
Marlo Whetsel (Renfield)
I am an insurance Verification Specialist for Hendrick Medical Center. My favorite monster is Hill House, specifically from the 1963 movie The Haunting. My favoriet feminist is Jael and her tent spike (Judges 4:22).