TERRY PRATCHETT'S Wyrd Sisters adapted for stage by stephen briggs


Terry Pratchett's WYRD SISTERS.

Wyrd Sisters is a play by Terry Pratchett and adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs. It is a take on Shakespeare's Macbeth. The play tells the tale of a coven of three witches who must overthrow the evil Duke and Duchess. They must use their magical powers to expose the Duke's lies and free the Kingdom for a new ruler.  


Last Production:

Pride and Prejudice (April/May 2024) By Kate Hamill Based on the novel by Jane Austen

Starring: Ruby Coldiron (Jane Bennet), Deb Coldiron (Mrs.Bennet), Megan Peterson (Miss Bingley/Miss De Borough), Emily Griffioen (Elizabeth Bennet), Ash Ricke (Lydia Bennet), Daniel Krabbe (Mr. Darcy),  Aiden Weaver (Wickham), Lance Arnold (Mr. Bennet), Deanne Holmes (Mary Bennet/Charlotte Lucas), Sean Luick-Brister (Mr. Collins), Joshua Holmes (Mr. Bingley), Luanne Krabbe (Lady Catherine De Bourbough)

Crew: Luanne Krabbe (director/set design/casting), Iran “Ronnie” Carlos Martinez (co-director/stage manager), Tish Arnold (house manager), Deanne Holmes (music), Emily Griffioen (music), Joel and Tiffany Pals (sound and lights) Cast (costumes)