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UPCOMING AUDITIONS FOR NEXT PRODUCTION: We are please to announce OPEN auditions for our next production Terry Prachett's THE WYRD SISTER'S.

In Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, wicked Lord Felmet kills the king of Lancre and takes over the throne. Three witches, Granny, Nanny, and Magrat, who have secreted away the heir to the throne, must overthrow Lord Felmet by revealing the truth

Audition's will be held on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th at 4:00 PM in Rowan at the Iowa River Players Theatre (901 Broadway St).  If you would like more information than provided please reach out to us and we will be happy to get you anything you need to prepare!


  • ESMERELDA ‘GRANNY’ WEATHERWAX -Self-confessed, greatest witch on the Discworld. She regards the whole kingdom, and anywhere else she happens to be, as her rightful domain. She is a formidable character with every necessary attribute for the classical ‘bad witch’ - a quick temper, a competitive, selfish, and ambitious nature, a sharp tongue, an unshakeable conviction of her own moral superiority, and some considerable mental and occult powers.
  • GYTHA ‘NANNY’ OGG -Nanny is probably in her 70s. Her family arrangements are cozy, but haphazard. She has been formally married 3 times (but they’re all now dead) and has 15 living children.
  • MAGRAT GARLICK -Magrat is the youngest witch of the coven. In a certain light, and from a carefully chosen angle, Magrat is not unattractive. Despite her tendency to squint when she’s thinking. And her pointy nose, red from too much blowing. She is short, thin, decently plain, and well-scrubbed. She has the watery-eyed expression of hopeless goodwill wedged between a body like a maypole, and hair like a haystack after a gale. No matter what she does to that hair, it tangles itself up again. She likes to wind flowers in it because she thinks this is romantic, but she looks like someone dropped a pot plant on her head.
  • VERENCE - an elderly ghost, late King of Lancre. He was cruel and power-hungry, but in a regal, kingly way. Now he’s annoyed and has a score to settle.
  • LEONAL FELMET - Duke, then King of Lancre. Cruel and power-hungry, in a mad way. He gets progressively madder and crueler.
  • LADY FELMET - Leonal’s wife. Calculating, power-hungry, cruel. The brains of the operation. Think Lady Macbeth.
  • VITOLLER - the kind actor-manager leader of a travelling group of players, who agrees to raise an abandoned baby as his own.
  • MRS VITOLLER - Vitoller’s kind and caring wife.
  • Verence The Fool - a youngish jester, following his father’s footsteps in the respected trade of being a fool, but his heart’s not in it. Underneath all his miserable foolery, he is intelligent and meant for greater things.
  • TOMJON - a much admired, extremely talented youngish actor, with the gift of language, and the ability to portray anyone or anything to perfection. Vitoller’s son.
  • HWEL - a dwarf playwright. He is a genius with words and story and is a slave to his words. He is kind, loyal to the Vitollers, and keeps a caring eye on Tomjon.
  • SERGEANT AND GUARDS - bumbling, with a strong sense of self-importance. If situations get too messy, they’d rather duck out for a cigarette.
  • DEMON - impatient, cunning, and a stickler for the rules. And, well, demonic. Assorted
  • ROBBERS, PEASANTS, PLAYERS, GUESTS, CHAMBERLAIN - all a little more on the bumbling side than the brilliant one.



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Wyrd Sisters

Aug 16 - Aug 25, 2024