Welcome to our site, and welcome to The Historic Monroe Theatre. The Monroe Theatre built in 1939, and closed in 1977 was acquired by Monroe Arts Council, and is a 501C3 Non Profit group. We are staffed with an amazing group of volunteers that work very hard to assure that your visit is not only good, but one you will remember for a life time. If only these walls could talk, oh the stories they could tell. It's unreal at the amount of information, and wonderful stories we could share just from 2016 until now. The renovations continue, but we are a work in progress. The ole Monroe is like no other theatre around. We currently house the largest indoor screen (which was installed in 1956). At that point in time, it was the modern day Pan-o-Rama style screen. With the changes in technology, many theatres are much smaller now, and have significantly smaller screens. We currently use the screen for every show and movie we have. The theatre currently seats 300 people. Originally it seated 500. We made some adjustments to comply with ADA  compliances. However, we are currently awaiting news on a grant that will allow for the installation of a balcony, which will seat an additional 250. When it's all said and done, We should be able to seat around 650-700 patrons. 

We are making tons of updates, but in doing so, we stay within the original nostalgic architecture and design. When visiting the Monroe, you will notice that many and or most of the original fixtures are still here, still in place, and still in use. There is really no way to tell you about the Monroe, it's story and history, and truly do it justice. Our theatre has featured many many stars from not only Hollywood, but also from the original Wheeling Jamboree, and The Grand Ole Opry. Our stage is no stranger to fame. In fact, since our reopening and discovered history, many entertainers call and express interest in playing on this iconic stage where so many greats have performed in past years. We are often referred to by many as “ The Stage of Southeast Ohio ”. Being the only existing theatre and only public auditorium in the county, our mission is even that much more important to save this majestic structure.

We invite you to stop in and see us! Take a look around, close your eyes and just absorb all the Monroe has to offer. You will be glad you did. The Monroe Theatre is rapidly becoming a true destination for many people once again. The overall atmosphere, and our friendly team make a visit to The Monroe an absolutely remarkable one. Come experience The Historic Monroe Theatre….

We are located right along the Ohio Scenic Byway,  where Ohio state Routes 78, and 800/26 intersect in the historic downtown square of Woodsfield, Ohio. Be sure to visit us as well on Facebook at The Monroe Theatre. We hope to see you soon! 

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