Who we are

RISE Performing Arts (RPA) is the performing arts program of Rocky Mountain Prep RISE High School. RPA believes that access to quality arts education helps scholars become well-rounded, passionate people who are creative problem-solvers and free thinkers. RPA is dedicated to the creation of entertaining, scholar-centered, social justice-minded performance art that challenges scholars to discover and pursue their passions as artists and creators in a diverse society.

The RPA Program consists of a variety of performance and technical based opportunities for scholars, both during the school day and extracurricularly, including: 

-6 Academic Classes (Theatre 1, Theatre 2, Theatre 3, Stagecraft 1, Theatrical Design, & Stagecraft Honors)

-A Fall Theatre Production

-A Spring Musical Theatre Production

-A Winter and Spring Showcase Featuring the academic classes

-International Thespian Society Honor Troupe #8937

-Participation in the annual Colorado Thespian Conference

-Thespian Drama Club (TDC) student run club

-Participation in the BACKstage Technical Theatre Pilot Exam

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