The Sound of Musical Cast

improviser (Conor Hanney)
Conor Hanney is a screenwriter and songwriter. His novel was bought pre-publication by Disney, where he is developing the series adaptation. His short films and musicals have won 26 awards, 24 nominations, and been licensed by Princeton. He was an adjunct professor at Notre Dame and founded the first improv team with Down syndrome to perform at The Second City.
improviser (Brendan McCay)
Brendan McCay is an actor/writer from Phoenix, Arizona. He’s a graduate of UCB, The Second City Conservatory, and iO West and has been performing improv and sketch comedy for over 9 years. Brendan has performed in several musicals at Second City Hollywood including “177FOX,” “Candidate Confessions,” “In Trump We Trust,” and his improv team, “The Sound of Musical.” @bdanmccay
improviser (Callie Ott)
Callie Ott is an actress and writer who usually gets mistaken for Kate Mara. Her award winning solo show, Dear Jeff: A Musical Comedy about Abuse and Suicide, swept the Hollywood Fringe in 2019. She recently co-starred in American Crime Story: Impeachment and American Housewife. Keep an eye out for her in Apple TV's new show Swamp Flower co-starring opposite Patricia Arquette.
improviser (Becky Sanders)
Becky Sanders, the original bad girl of musical comedy, has been writing and performing in Los Angeles for over a decade. Follow her on instagram, sometimes she puts pictures of her cat on there. Her cat's name is Mia, the original bad girl of feline comedy. @beckyrocks
improviser (Rob Zaleski)
Rob Zaleski is from Wheeling, West Virginia. He studied Psychology and film at Duke before going to Hollywood. Now he makes music, asks people about their feelings, and dances erotically.