Mine For the Tribe Cast

Chris Smith (Writer/Performer)
Chris Smith – Writer/Performer/Sound Designer/Producer/Dog Annoyer – Chris has found two hills he’ll die on after tragedy, therapy, reading and subsequently viewing his place in the world: helping with mental health in the arts and building better men. After years being in the wrong room, climbing the wrong ladder in Los Angeles, he’s decided to be what he is and write, perform and be content walking the path. He’s a Sacramento area performer and writer (amongst other things: the seventy-two-page resume is available upon request and Venmo’ing for the time to compile it). Despite his terrible jokes in their presence, he wants Atim Udoffia and Elise Hodge especially to know that they’re loved and thanked profusely. Dani Walsh, not loved yet but you’re growing on me. And one little lady that’s easing my mind and making me laugh. And many, many others who watched this thing in the early phases on couches and folding chairs, the journey of one is surprisingly packed with good people. His family, friends and a few necessary enemies also played a huge part in building him, he thanks them too. Also, Rando, Princess Miss Kitty and all the cows…except Darlene (she knows what she did).