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    General Admission: $20.00

    Virtual Stream Pricing

    Single Viewer: $7.00
    2 to 3 Viewers: $10.00
    4 - 6 Viewers: $15.00
    Watch Party : $25.00


    2 hours

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    Age Range

    18 and over Only please

    Refund/Exchange Policy

    All sales are final.

    Late Policy

    We do not seat patrons after the show begins. This is a small venue and as seats are only accessed from one side, it is very disruptive to the seated audience to bring in later comers. Thank you for your understanding.

    Should you or someone you are coming with/bringing has special needs of any kind, please reach out to use immediately at [email protected] and put "SPECIAL REQUEST" in the subject line. We have to see if we can accommodate, and we will do everything in out power to do so! If you do not reach out at least 3 days before your scheduled show date/time, we cannot guarantee we can meet your needs. Please don't put us in the position of being unable to assist you. We want everyone to come enjoy the shows! Thank you!! [email protected]

    The Ooley Theatre