Originally built in 1853, Monroe County Infirmary was the county poor farm and was a working self sustaining farm.The facility provided shelter to impoverished, elderly, mentally handicapped, and even orphans up until 1888. The facility could handle roughly 45 residents, and originally cost $40,000 to build. It was referred to as the County Poor House, Infirmary, County Home, and eventually Monroe County Care Center. The home had everything it needed, including a morgue and Potters Field, or cemetary for the poor. The cemetary still exists today on the original property. There were at least 90 known persons burried in Potters Field, but thats number is higher because records were not well kept until the very late 1890's..In early times, people could be placed in the home as a resident for simple things because many medical illnesses were not yet known about, identified, or being treated. So the mixture of people and problems or issues in the infirmary was pretty complex. Even though it seemed to be a nice place for those to live that were poor and/or homeless, it wasnt perfect picture either. The infirmary di have a past of some very mean and somewhat demented residents, some very tragic deaths occured in the lifetime of this facilities operation. Things like farming accidents, Falls, suicide, and even record of on female's clothes catching fire near one of the many fireplaces in the structure. In later years, the new facility was added on to the infirmary, and the medical patients resided there, while for a short time, the infirmary sstill housed the county's homeless. There are many many stories that have been shared by staff over the years. Its often told that you can hear children running and playing among the halls still today. People ask about the lady in the green dress. Odd Sounds are often heard in various parts of the building when no one is there. On the third floor, there's an old alarm bell. Its very protected today, as is very coincidental that whenever the bell rings or is rang, a resident within the current facility passes away. The bell is still there today, but protected against those with too much curiosity. Opening and closing doors, and so on, are daily occurrences here. The infirmary holds quite an extensive history, has a remarkable story, and hides some secrets of its own as well. This facility as stated earlier, was a self sustaining farm. It had it own parlor and visiting area, private rooms, water closets, Kitchen facility, Dinning room, a morgue and so on. In ealy times, there were wakes or funeral viewings held here.Death was no stranger to the home. Anger, aggression, mentally ill residents who were often restrained or even shackled and chained down. The home has seen some horrifying scenes in times past. Residents here could not afford pr pay for a doctor or hospital visit, therefore, many things like teeth extractions, surgeries or types, and treatment occurred here. Some historians in the area, clain that infirmary life was a living hell. 

Today, in co-operation with Stellar Health Care facility, The Monroe Theatre presents our NIGHTMARE at Monroe Infirmary!!  Four four nights, you can select a time slot for you and your group to visit and experience the Infirmy. Due to the age and general risks presented such as trip fall hazzards, stairs, Darkness, Strobe lighting, Noises and so on, it is REQUIRED that you sign a waiver and release of liability before entering. This waiver outlines all hazzards and potential risks involved with the tour and haunted houe. By signing, you agree to hold Stellar Care facility, It'e staff and residents, The Monroe Theatre, its members and actors harmless in the event of an injury or medical issues during your visit. You will be led through the facility by a tour guide. This Haunted Venue is NOT HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE. There are stairs, and many of them, narrow doorways and passages, low ceilings and tight spaces. Slip, trif, fall possibilities and so on. We hope you enjoy NIGHTMARE at MONROE INFIRMARY, as this is our first year in this venue. Last but not least, YES, our actors may touch you. In many cases, this will be accidental, as they are not intenting on touching you deliberately, and if they would, it should only be a meire brush> NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY AT ANY TIME! Law Enforcement, will be present for the duration of the event. We invite you to come enjoy the night, and have a good time. We have made it where you can select a group of up to 10 people to go through at once. Pick and purchase you tickets for the appropriate slot you want, and no waiting long periods of time to go through. Keep in mind that if you buy 2 tickets for a slot, that does not mean there wont be more people. We fill each group. Those buying tickets on site on not online will encounter a higher rate, and longer wait times to be worked in where there's room. NO Refunds, Transfers, or Exchanges.. Nightmare at Monroe Infirmary benefits The Monroe Theatre programming funds, which is a 501c3 Non Profit group, and also Stellar Care Facilities Activities Department. We hope you enjoy the Nightmare..

The Monroe Theatre


Built in 1939, The Monroe Theatre rapidly made a name for itself welcoming national acts from Hollywood, Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, and The Wheeling Jamboree. The Monroe has a rich history of fame from 1940 through the 1970's. Unfortunately, It closed its doors for what seemed would be forever in 1977. during its dormant years, the building was used as an auction house, and an antique store. throughout the 42 years it remained silent, the original fixture remained within the theatre. In 2016, Monroe Arts Council acquired the building in hopes of restoring it to its former stature. A group of dedicated volunteers began the long process of scrubbing and repair. Even as renovations continue, The Monroe reopened its doors in June of 2018 featuring a local Bluegrass band as entertainment for the Annual Alumni Weekend. It was then that the group saw the potential it held. Eager visitors came to enjoy the show in the very nostalgic structure. Donations flooded to committee after words, showing the community appreciation of the project. 

In 2019 the schedule grew as more bands and acts were booked and locals came to enjoy the shows. Word spread fast, and audience numbers began to grow. The need was here to have such a venue in the community. our first full year of entertainment was a smash hit. Then in March of 2020 it seemed the world stopped turning as Covid shut everything down across the globe. After a few brainstorming sessions and phone calls, it was decided that the Monroe would NOT close, but turn to streaming. We invited individual entertainers to play on stage to an empty auditorium, as we streamed the show into followers home via Facebook. Again, our following grew immensely. We never stopped bringing the entertainment, and it worked! The 
Monroe not only stayed open, but in doing so, was able to secure over $300,000 in grant funds to help with renovations. As time went on, fans slowly returned to the theatre for live shows. In 2021, we hit the stage with a fierce schedule absolutely packed with a variety of shows. For the first time in 53 years, The Monroe Welcomed it's first National Act to the calendar, booking Nashville recording artist Jimmy Fortune, then it was Phil Dirt and The Dozers, Ronnie McDowell, Dion Pride, and so on. 

As we rapidly approach 2022, The Monroe brought back its Country Music Jamboree, which ran for decades before its closing. The Jamboree is back bigger than ever, and the Best Family Variety Show in The Ohio Valley. Many bands and entertainers long to stand and perform on this stage because of its history. A new State of the Art Concession area and Box Office. We are really striving to keep taking giant leaps here at the Monroe to stay on the cutting edge with other area theatres. We have all kinds and types of shows, movies, and so much more. 

The Historic Monroe Theatre is definitely a MUST SEE venue. Very Retro and Nostalgic, A visit to The Monroe is like a step back in time. We invite you to come experience The Historic Monroe Theatre, and you too can take a walk down memory lane. We hope to see you soon!!

RESTAURANTS NEXT DOOR- Bueno Amigos, Subway, KFC, Taco Bell, Traditions, and Jerry Lees..

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So much to see right here in scenic Monroe County Ohio. You're always welcome hereā€¦.

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