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Production Manager
Allie Matsuo
Allie Matsuo is a GHS alum who returned to Stage Right in 2021 as a volunteer. Her background in technical theater and creative dramatics help her to support and mentor students in a variety of disciplines. She is now production manager and program director of Stage Right and teaches English 9, Yearbook, Acting, and Tech Theater at Golden.
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Director, Performance Coach
Sammy Meneses
Sammy Meneses is a professional performer. He has a degree in acting and has been a performer for the better part of two decades. Meneses has performed on many prestigious stages in New York, Denver, and across the country. He specializes in dramatic acting and overall performance here and is happy to work with the kids.
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Assistant Troupe Director
Tyler Roach
Tyler Roach is a GHS alum who was called home to Stage Right by his close friends at GHS. Roach creates our programs, leads our advertising outreach with local businesses, and fills in any other gaps in the other directors' skillsets. He has a strong technical theater background. Roach has worked at multiple theaters in the Denver Metro area, including Miner's Alley Playhouse and The Wolf Theater. He also holds a position on the board for the Colorado State Thespian Society. He's by far the students' favorite.
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Technical Director, Master Electrician
Anthony Tyrrell-Ead
Anthony Tyrrell-Ead is a GHS alum who has been serving as technical theatre mentor and expert since 2021. After falling in love with tech theatre in high school, Ant got his degree in technical theatre from MSU Denver. His day job is theatre adjacent- installing A/V equipment in businesses and schools around Colorado.
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Instramental Music Director
Katharine Parker
Katharine Parker comes to Stage Right by way of San Diego. She has an undergraduate degree in music performance and a graduate degree in music education from NYU. Parker has been teaching and conducting at GHS for 10 years. When not in the pit, Parker lends a hand to set construction, costuming, and sound production. She loves the family atmosphere here at Stage Right.
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Vocal Director
Mikey Swartz
Mikey Swartz is the choral music director and vocal music director at Golden Senior High. Swartz has a degree in Music Education and a second degree in vocal performance which he has used to perform Opera across Colorado. With roles such as Don Bartolo from Barber of Seville, and Don Luis Nogales from the first bilingual production of Luisa Fernanda in Colorado, he brings his extensive private voice knowledge to the musical theater voices of Golden High School. He believes in a higher expectation for high school vocals to push students to professional capabilities.

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