About Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is a comedic play by William Shakespeare that revolves around mistaken identities and the themes of love and disguise. The story unfolds when Viola, shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria, disguises herself as a man named Cesario and enters the service of Duke Orsino. Orsino sends Cesario to woo the Countess Olivia on his behalf, but Olivia falls in love with Cesario instead, not realizing that he is actually a woman. Meanwhile, Viola/Cesario herself falls in love with Orsino. The play also features a subplot involving Olivia's pompous steward Malvolio and a group of pranksters who play tricks on him. As the play progresses, misunderstandings pile up, leading to a hilarious and ultimately heartwarming resolution that brings the characters together in unexpected ways during the revelry of the Twelfth Night.

Roslyn High School

The Royal Crown Players of Roslyn High School have been in existence since 1941. The organization has always prided itself on the professionalism of its productions. It has showcased the finest talent in the Roslyn community and fostered an appreciation for the theatre. Past productions have ranged from Shakespeare to original musical presentations. The theater program at Roslyn High School allows students the opportunity to explore many aspects of the theatrical performing arts within many different venues.

The production year consists of a fall and spring production.  An inclusive family, RCP has members not only on stage, but backstage as well, with the creative energies of set construction, choreography, lighting, sound, properties, scenic design, costuming, and makeup. Our students have an opportunity to learn to stage manage and tackle many many other technical endeavors. Our business staff publishes two playbills a year and specializes in graphic arts. Our box office staff creates and manages a computerized ticket system, while our computer staff maintains all of our computers.

To become a member of the Royal Crown Players, only interest and a desire to be around other students interested in the theater is all that is needed. Everyone is welcome to audition for any of our shows or be involved as a "techie" in our Stagecraft and Auditorium Crew clubs. Overall, the theater program fosters teamwork and discipline while also having a great time.

RCP is a “real life” activity, from the nurturing of a script and score to the presentation of an opening night performance. The culmination of different students and talents with unselfish attitudes and the same creative aim, for your enjoyment, appreciation, and love for the theatre, we are the Royal Crown Players.