Clue: The Musical Cast

Alan Buckland (Mr. Boddy)
Alan Buckland's most recent role at the Texas was Grimsby in The Little Mermaid. He is active in the PCT, having played as Gepetto in “My Son Pinocchio;” Smee and Mr. Darling in “Peter Pan;” and as the Store Manager in “Elf the Musical”. He is the proud father to a talented young actress/dancer, Natalie Buckland, who shares his love of theatre.
Caleb Estrada (Prof. Plum)
Caleb Estrada has been part of the Texas Community Theatre for many years. He started back in 2007 with performing in the live orchestra for the musicals The King and I, 1776, Sugar and Beauty and the Beast. He later received the opportunity to conduct the orchestra with the shows Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After a time away, Caleb returned to the theatre to perform on stage for his first performance of Elf, followed quickly by his first performance as a principal role - Prince Eric in PCT’s The Little Mermaid. He is now going to don purple to perform as Professor Plum, ready to play the game again.
Estashea Hawthorne (Miss Scarlet)
Hi I’m Estashea Hawthorne, I’m from Ontario, a small town Southern California. I’ve been acting since I could talk, starting out doing small shows in front of my family. I did ballet, tap, karate, and fell in love with theater freshman. After high school I became a judge for DTASC Fall Festivals and Shakespeare festivals, where I also competed. Some of my favorite shows include the Lion King, Hamlet, Romeo And Juliet, Westside story, Alice in Wonderland, Into The Woods(I played 4 different characters, Diviners, and FAME. I’m so excited to join the community theater here in Palestine Texas, and I want see what I learn from all the wonderfully talented people here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Adam Armstrong (Col. Mustard)
A relative newcomer to theater, I appeared in my first show at PCT in the summer of 2018 as Captain Hook in Peter Pan. It fulfilled a dream and provided me with a memory that I will always treasure as I was able to share the stage with my daughter who played the part of Tiger Lilly. I guess you could say the rest is history; several shows later I'm still at it. We're so lucky to have the Palestine Community Theater as a cultural asset in our town, and I have learned so much through mentors in the theatre "family", and it is a family of sorts. Other roles include Stromboli in My Son Pinocchio, Tinsworthy in 9-5, and Bad Santa and Mr. Greenway in Elf. I've also worked in set construction, as a stage hand, and assistant director. There's room at the Texas for you too. In every part, big or small, it is my aspiration to make that character come to life and to be as entertaining and memorable for the audience as possible.
Debbie Cable Brown (Mrs. Peacock)
Debbie Cable Brown is a newly retired teacher of 33 years. She played with Kindergarteners for 15 years and then graduated to Elementary PE. She has enjoyed community theater for almost 40 years and is counting every show hoping to hit 100. This show will be #67. She is a member of three community theaters in the Fort Hood area where she has done many shows and has served as a Board Member. Her favorite parts include: Maria in The Sound of Music, Guinevere in Camelot, Freu Bleucher in Young Frankenstein, Paulette in Legally Blonde and Violet in 9 to 5. Give her the Comedic role in any show and she’s in heaven. Her favorite thing about theater is making people laugh. Debbie is thrilled to be in her first show here at PCT and is secretly hoping it won’t be her last. Debbie is greatly supported by her wonderful husband of 30 years and her 3 furry children. She hopes you thoroughly enjoy the show, laugh often and become a regular “theater goer”.
Sandy Webb (Mrs. White)
My love for theater began when I saw the movie version of “Kiss Me Kate” when I was in elementary school. From then on, any time a musical came on I had to watch it. Of course, I loved the drama as well. My journey with the Palestine Community Theater began my 8th Grade year back in 1978 when Stacy Jamison said “You need to come try out for The Sound of Music and do it with me.” That journey took me to their productions of “South Pacific” and “Oklahoma”. Then life happened and I got busy, but after marriage and moving back to Palestine, I returned and began again in the production of “Ghosts” directed by Sandy Hanson in 2009 (along with my youngest, Nathan) and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people. I’ve been a lead, a supporting actor, ensemble, stagehand, stage manager, director, assistant director, makeup person, concession stand worker, and set builder. I love my PCT family, but more importantly the magic we deliver to the community. Theatre brings us all together. As a 1983 graduate of PHS – I love what Palestine people are capable of – we have so much talent here and it’s important to support it. I am so excited to be working on this production of “Clue:The Musical” with these people - some of whom literally grew up in my kitchen, or worked with me outside of the theater, - it is such a joy to find another connection that brings us together in life. I hope you enjoy the show!!!!!
Tex Wilbourn (Mr. Green)
Tex Wilbourn has been married for 17 years and has four kids. Together they enjoy movies, games, and reading books. Tex works for Anderson County IT Department and graduated from Palestine High School where he studied briefly under Eric Cates in 1997-98. Two of his older siblings have degrees in theatre and he’s studied under them as well! Tex has performed in many speaking, lip sync, and silent roles in various church productions, and performed in Shakespeare In The Park in 1997. Tex loves the Texas Theatre and has seen several productions here. Mr. Green is his first major role in a public performance.
Brandi Derr (Detective)
Brandi Derr teaches at Frankston Middle School. She has four children and enjoys reading, sewing, and baking, in addition to theatre. She has been in a number of PCT shows including White Christmas, The Mousetrap, Steel Magnolias, and Gilligan’s Island the Musical.