Once Upon A Playground Cast

Ruby Irwin Carey (THE GIRL)
Ruby Irwin Carey is 12 years old. She was born on January 6th 2010 and really loves to act! She was in choir for 2 years. She has a sister that she loves so so much! thank you!
Brylee Irizarry (WANDA BUN)
Brylee is a 12 year old girl in her third play in Walker Middle School, having previously played Vivian, in Children of Hooverville, Xandra/Macy's Mom, in We Are Masks; she is happy to be working in the WMS theater company. Her hobbies are hanging out with friends and watching horror movies. Previous productions: Six Foot Scenes by Lindsey Price. She thanks her friends and family for their support and hopes you enjoy the show.
Mia Johannes (ALTERNATE)
Mia Yohannes, a 7th grader at WMS. She is excited to participate in the play, ‘CHAIRS’ seeing as this is her first ever theater production to participate in. Mia has a lot of interests outside of theater. For example she loves roller skating, a hobby that she has been hanging onto for about 4 years now! She used to participate in a chess club in Oak point Elementary in 5th grade with her 3rd grade teacher. She is extremely passionate about advanced theater production, and is really interested in acting. She is hoping to get big roles in big plays in the future!
Anna Wiechman (TOOTIE SHOE)
Anni is a 7th grade Advanced Theatre at Walker Middle school. This is their 3RD production. She had one in 6th too. they were one of the only 6th graders in that play (her and one other (Emily)) she lives in Little Elm Tx (obv) and has 3 older brothers. Gavin, Greyson and CJ. She spent a lot of their childhood (5 and under) in Lousianna with their brothers.
Pranathi is a 8th grader at Jerry R Walker Middle school, who is acting on a new play called "Chairs". This isn't the first time she was in a play.For example, "Court House" in Clark Middle School (6th grade), "The Forest", in India (below 1th grade), and so much more. If you put acting/theater aside,she was and is involved in a lot more activities like, music club, orchestra, tennis, basketball (for 2 years), digital art, book writer ( never published a book -_-), artist, and a group leader.She is exited and happy to share her ideas and take place in Walker.
Taylor is an 8th grader at Walker Middle School and this is her 3RD year in the Walker theater program. She acted in six-foot scenes in 2021 and CHAIRS in 2023. Taylor has an older sister named Kaitlin who is a part of the Little elm high school advanced theater who also participated in six-foot scenes in her 8th grade year. She has 2 mini poodles who she loves named Beau and Ollie. she hope that her friends and family support her and the theater program.
Harper Hill (ALTERNATE)
this is harper hill she's in 7th grade at walker middle school and hasn't done any productions yet but has been an usher at the children of whoverville
Avalon  (GEORGIE)
Trinity Lane (PHOEBE DIVE/Ensemble Lead)
Trinity is thrilled to be on the stage and shows it every rehearsal.
Anaiya is a 7th grader who enjoys her fair share of food. She loves little munchies while performing on stage. If she could she would live on stage. She excels in tap dance and would love to make it big one day. In her free time she loves to watch bunnies hop on the grass and animal planet. Anaiya would like to thank pronati for writing her bio.
Gio is a 6th grader who was lucky enough to get into the production program half way through the year and be the sunshine in our day. This is Gios first play and he's super excited to be the one and only exception. In his freetime he loves to do cartwheels in chicken coops. He also believes he's a little orphan boy who lives in Britain with his imaginary pet Gorgey. Gio would like to thank Mia for writing his bio.