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Stage Manager
Joann Greer
Joann Greer is an 8th grader at Walker Middle School. Although, it is her first time as a stage manager for a play she's looking forward to doing more in the future.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Grace Ringler
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Jaden Oletu
this is Jadens bio
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Design Team
Sydney Ekunwe
Sydney Ekunwe is a 7th grader. Sydney has never done a play before. This will be her first production. Sydney is on the cheer team.
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Technical Team
Myah Cantu
Myah Cantu is an 8th grader at Jerry R Walker middle school. this is her first time being apart of a company for theater. she has had experience working in groups and with teams because of sports. Myah has always liked theater and art related activities. she is really looking forward to this year for production.
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Heidi Hancock
Heidi Hancock is in 8th grade at Jerry R. Walker Middle school. It is her first year in advanced theater and hopes to work behind stage on plays. She enjoys playing school sports like volleyball, tennis, and field. She also plays acoustic and electric guitar. Heidi likes animals and has 3 pets along with a sister. She is a member of NJHS and hopes to excel during the school year. She loves Halloween and haunted houses. Thanks to her parents and friends for the encouragement.
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Andrea Larin is an 8th grader at Walker Middle School. This is her first year in a theatre production (as scenic painter) but she has been in Band since her sixth-grade year and will lead the Walker Percussion Drumline this semester as center snare. For years, music/percussion (especially 4 mallets!!!) been a big part of her life and will continue to be for however long god wills. Alongside the arts, she is part of the Walker Cross Country team, Tennis team, NJHS, and hopes to make the track team this upcoming Spring. She is also known to be a high achiever, especially when it comes to academics for one of her biggest goals is to be Valedictorian of her class. Spending quality time with her friends and family is her favorite thing to do, even when it's babysitting her adorable baby niece, though it gets super tricky during the holidays to figure out how her big family will be able to make it (5 brothers, 1 sister). Overall, she is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this production and is grateful to those involved who have made it possible!
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A 7th grader at Jerry Walker Middle School. Most people say he looks like broccoli because of his hair, or he's called ramen noodles. He's a tuba player in the band and loves music and neurology. His main future career idea is to be a Neurosurgeon and have a side job in music. He wants to go to Baylor to study medicine. He's very thankful to be able to work on the plays this year and hopes to do more next year.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Emilee is a Student at Jerry R Walker Middle School. She Originally Started Working for the first play back in 2022 , for the performance "We are Masks" & the following play "Children of Hooverville" as the Role Patsy. Patsy was a 12 year old girl who was innocent & wishing for her death. Emilee has worked backstage twice , this being her 2nd backstage work performance & This being her first time being a Backstage Assistant Manager . She enjoys doing theater & being in the performances.

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