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Music Director
Sheila Manning
Sheila received her Bachelor of Piano Education, Master of Music Education with a +30 from McNeese State University. She taught Elementary Music at Carver Elementary, Pinewood Elementary and DeRidder Junior High school for 28 years. She also taught private piano lessons in DeRidder for 40 years. She was active in the Kodaly Association of Music teachers and participated in the Kodaly National Conferences. She also served by auditioning students to participate in the National Choir since1998. She was active in Impromptu Players at its beginning, participating in The Princess and the Pea and The Sound of Music and others. She also served many meals and washed many dishes through the years. She is now the Music Minister of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and is a member of the First Baptist Handbells. She is married to Robert Manning, and they have 5 children and 2 grandsons.

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