Working! The Musical Creative

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Stage manager
8th grade Was in This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing Stage Managed Chronicles of Jane If you could chose any animal, what animal would you shrink down and put in your pocket? A cat
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Musical Director
Jim Desmond
Jim has been musical director for several revues and performances at Parker, but this is his first Parker musical. It is not, however, his first time directing Working, which he helped to produce in his college days.
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Ryan Ruopp
Ryan has helped produce and direct around 20 plays at Parker. He likes a challenge, and this show is certainly that! Ryan is particularly excited to sing backup for his students this time around.
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Lighting Design
Ella Richards
Ella Richards has worked on lights for the last ten shows at Parker and is a staple of the Cafe Wednesday crew. Ella loves the process of problem-solving as the design comes together, and is eager to see what this show will look like!
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Mural and Art Design
Jae Daly
Jae Daly has been studying art for as long as they can remember. This is their debut as a set painter and promotional designer. Jae had a good time designing the title and finding small details for the characters.

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