About Something Rotten

Welcome to the Renaissance, where the Black Plague has ceded power to the Puritans, farthingales and codpieces are the latest fashion trend, and the biggest celebrity in England is a playwright named William Shakespeare. In the midst of all this excitement, brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom are trying to keep their acting company afloat. In a desperate attempt to out-Bard the Bard, Nick consults with a soothsayer, who informs him that the future of theatre involves acting, singing, and dancing -- sometimes all at once! As the Bottom brothers strive to write the world’s very first “musical”, they find themselves caught in a bitter battle with the Bard and the play's the thing. Something Rotten! is a hysterical, joyous celebration of everything you love about Broadway.

Footlight Productions

Footlight Productions was founded by Sasha and Ben Naasz who are the creative directors of footlight production. Ben oversees the acting and theatre side of the company which just started the company's first theatre troupe. Sasha looks over the choreography of our shows and is also the Dance instructor for the Movement Dance Team.

Footlight Productions is a recognized 501c3 that provides access to performing arts and education to youth and adults in the Prescott area. The organization sponsors a dance team, several musical performances, and classes throughout the year.

To ensure our commitment to giving back to the community, with many of these performances, additional offerings are performed to schools and other underserved audiences.  We look forward to expanding our team, our impact on the community, and sharing our art with you.