Mamma Mia! Cast

Sophia Turner (Donna)
Junior - Sophia has had a blast playing Donna alongside Jasmine Dumontet. She has an extensive history with EHS Drama, including playing Vi in Footloose last year. She’s loved the performing arts for years, and is so glad to be apart of such an amazing program. She thanks Allison, Noah, Amanda and Mr. Scott for helping her through this process!
Jasmine Dumontet (Donna)
Senior - Jasmine is thrilled to be a part of Mamma Mia for her senior musical! You may have seen her last year as Rusty in Footloose or the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland. Other recent credits include Ida in Honk Jr. and Ensemble in Seussical the Musical at Manestage Theatre. Jasmine is so thankful that she gets to share this experience with her sister and cousins! She would like to thank the directors for choosing Mamma Mia and for this amazing opportunity as well as her family for their incredible support! Channel your inner dancing queen and enjoy the show!
Abbie Anderson (Sophie)
Sophomore - Abigail Anderson (Sophie) is 15 and a sophomore. Previous roles at EHS include Alice, in Alice In Wonderland, and Ariel, in Footloose. She has been blessed with many wonderful experiences through her passion for musical theatre. Last summer, she had the incredible opportunity to work with iTheatrics in NYC. Abigail never wants to stop growing in her skills as a performer. She is grateful to her family, friends, and teachers for their love and support. Ephesians 3:20
Haley Dumontet (Tanya)
Sophomore - Haley can’t wait for everyone to see this show!! Her first musical was Footloose last year where she played Mandy and absolutely loves theatre and dancing! It has been so special getting to be best friends with her sister, Jasmine, in performance as well as real life and she is eternally grateful for that opportunity. She thanks Miss Amanda for making her a better performer and above all, a better person. She won’t be blue, because somewhere in this crowd there’s you!
Emma Robertson (Rosie)
Senior - Emma is excited (but also a bit sad) to be performing in her last musical with EHS Drama. She couldn’t have asked for a better group of directors and cast/crew, and is going to sorely miss them all when she graduates. She is thankful for the people who “Took a Chance” on her in her time here. She will never forget them. She cannot wait to be a “Dancing Queen” with her fellow Dynamos. Good Show! Previous Roles: She Kills Monsters- Cheerleader/Lead Prop Lead, Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time- Lobby Lead, Little Shop of Horrors- Mrs. Luce, A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Peaseblossom, Alice in Wonderland- Cook, Footloose- Ethel McCormack, Steel Magnolias- Clairee, Jack the Ripper- Polly Poole
Josie Schampera (Ali/Dance Chorus)
Senior - Josie is really excited for Mamma Mia!
Maddy Scott (Lisa/Dance Chorus)
Freshman - This is Madelyn’s first show at EHS, and she has loved every moment of it! Madelyn has loved meeting new people in the cast and developing new dancing skills and becoming more comfortable on stage! She wants to thank her family for always giving her rides to rehearsals and supporting her with everything that she does. She would also like to thank the directors for all the energy and hard work they have put in to this show!
Noah Mukai (Sam)
Junior - Noah Mukai is 17 years old and ecstatic to be a part of this show! Previously, Noah had participated in Footloose, Finding Nemo, Matilda, and Freaky Friday. Noah would like to thank all his friends and everyone who has come to support him. Enjoy!
Adam Dofelmier (Bill)
Junior - Adam is excited to have his first show be Mamma Mia. He would like to thank his parents for being so patient with his rehearsal schedule, he couldn't have done this without them.
Sam Bursch (Harry)
Junior - This is Sam’s second musical production at Enumclaw High School. He is very thankful to be a part of such an amazingly beautiful program and he’s looking forward to sharing this incredible show with all of you. Sam would also like to thank the drama department for the accommodations made in his recovery from an extensive knee surgery.
Graham Stockwell (Sky)
Junior - Graham has always had a passion for music! When he joined choir his sophomore year, a lot of his friends were talking about their role in the prior musical, footloose. After seeing it himself it was clear he HAD to audition for Mama Mia! He is thrilled to be apart of the production and would like to thank Allison Abrahamse, Noah Goucher, and Amanda Kelly for creating such a welcoming environment here in the drama department. Graham would also like to thank Musical Director, Paul Scott, for being such a staple to his musical journey here at Enumclaw High School.
Colin McCann (Pepper/Dance Chorus)
Senior - As a senior, This is Colin’s second year of being apart of the EHS drama department and last ever musical within this auditorium. With his last years role as Cowboy Bob in EHS’s production of Footlose Colin knew there wasn’t any possibility he could miss this years production of Mamma Mia! Colin has had an absolute blast playing Pepper and can’t wait for everyone to see his sick moves… just kidding (kinda). Anyways, he would like to thank his family and friends for all the support and love they give him. Good show!
Finn Abrahamse (Eddie/Dance Chorus)
Sophomore - Griffin love to dance he does all styles at The Company Space and has dance for 8 years of his life. Griffin has been in many shows for EHS in the past he was Sheep in Fools, Robert in Martian Chronicles, Piranha Plant in Super Mario, Kid in Spamalot, Randy in Footloose, Phillip Poole in Jack the Ripper, and in this production he will be playing Eddie. Griffin in is Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, And Coro. He is so excited for this show and he hopes that you love it.
Victor Ruiz (Reverend)
Junior - This is a Bio. Victor Ruiz’s Bio. He’s got no clue what to put for his Bio. But he’s gonna try his best to do a Bio. This is Victor’s first ever play/musical and has absolutely no experience with any other plays or musical’s in his life. He has danced a few times but nothing competitive or hobby wise. It was more for fun, parties, or at a quince(a Mexican party to celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday). But if he’s being completely honest he feels that he’s more of a free dancer than a choreographed dancer. He’s a fun, entertaining, energetic, kind of a wild card person that everyone usually enjoys. He’s very glad to be part of his first musical(even if it’s a small part). He thanks his mom for being able to put up with him staying at school for a longer period of time instead of taking care of his brothers at home and getting the house ready for her. He also thanks her because he thinks she’s amazing and is the best mom he could ever ask for. He also thanks his friends for being, well his friends and sticking with him. Because he’s kinda a goofball. He thanks all this teachers for being there for him when he needs advice or help with anything he doesn’t understand. He hopes all this stays in the Bio. Because he thinks it’s pretty funny. Thank you and goodnight.
Gabriel Carlson (Dance Chorus)
Junior - Gabriel Carlson is excited to be in his second musical at EHS. You might have seen him last year in Footloose as Uncle Wes who slapped Ren. He enjoys being in Concert Choir and Mens Choir at EHS, and on his youth group's worship team. Gabriel is especially thrilled for Mama Mia because he gets to share the stage with his cousins Jasmine (Dona 1), Haley (Tonya), and Ryder (Dance Chorus). Thanks to Mr. Scott, Mrs. Abrahamse, Miss Amanda and Noah for being such amazing directors!
Emily "Griffin" Harper (Dance Chorus)
Sophomore - Griff is absolutely thrilled to be performing in another show with EHS! Other shows Griff has done with EHS include Alice in Wonderland (Lead Hair and Makeup), Footloose (Travis/Ensemble), Steel Magnolias (Hair and Makeup), and Jack the Ripper (Townsperson/Cultist). Most recently, Griff was cast in Mean Girls the Musical with Northwest Theatre Lab. Griff would like to thank their family and friends for always supporting them, the directors for making this show one of Griff's favorite performances to date, the technicians for all they have done behind the scenes, and Griff's partner for all the love and support he has given throughout the duration of this show- They couldn't have done it without all of you. Always remember, screw 'em if they can't take a joke, and good show!
Kena Baird (Dance Chorus)
Sophomore - Kena Baird is a Sophomore at EHS and cant wait for you to see this show. Mamma Mia has been her favorite movie and musical since she was little. She has always enjoyed dancing and singing with her nana to dancing queen. She has always loved theater but has never gotten to actually be apart of this amazing program till this year. Kena enjoys singing, acting and especially dancing. Kena's first every play was A Charlie Brown Christmas and she played Snoopy in the 5th grade. Ever since watching Footloose last year it opened her eyes into auditioning for Mamma Mia. Kena would like to thank all the directors for putting there love and energy into this musical. She would also like to thank her Mom, Family, and Friends for supporting her in something she loves. Enjoy the show!!
Kiley Aaby (Dance Chorus)
Senior - Kiley is very excited to be performing in Mamma Mia, it's one of her favorite shows out there, and it definitely helps that the people she is performing it with are some of her favorite people out there too. She is a Senior this year and will definitely miss all the people she has grown closer to throughout this show as well as those from any previous shows here, and thanks everyone for coming. She has previously performed in Sherlock Holmes as Jane Wells, It's a Wonderful Life as Zuzu Bailey, and A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Enumclaw High School Drama Department.
Lauren Gosnell (Dance Chorus)
Senior - Lauren is a senior and she is so excited to be in her first ever musical! Lauren loves to dance, sing, and preform and wishes she had joined drama sooner. Lauren would also like to thank the directors and Ms. Amanda for all of the hard work they have put in to this musical.
Macy Maxwell (Dance Chorus)
Senior - Macy Maxwell is a senior in high school and is joining drama for the first time! She is on the dance core and is so excited for shows. She loves music, good food, and having fun. Macy would like to thank all of the wonderful people that are a part of the Mamma Mia play and all of the new friends she's made. She would also like to specifically thank Alijah, Gharley, Mars, and Ant. She hopes that everyone will enjoy the play! PS. If Macy's grandparents, parents, aunt and uncle, or sister is reading this, she would like to say thank you and that she loves you. <3
Makhya Walls (Dance Chorus)
Sophomore - This is Makhya’s third show here at EHS. Her first show was Alice in Wonderland where she worked behind the scenes, then in Footloose she was a company member. She would like to thank all of the support she has received from friends and family, as well as the directors.
Ryann Sweetser (Dance Chorus)
Senior - Ryann is so excited to be apart of Mamma Mia!! This is her last musical since it’s her senior year and it’s a very bittersweet experience. She is so grateful for all of the people who have supported her in theater and for the opportunities she has been given. She is planning on going to college for Illustration and will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall. Previous shows: Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time- Lobby Tech, Little Shop of Horrors- Audrey 2 Puppeteer, A Midsummers Nights Dream- Robin Starvling/ Moonshine, Alice in Wonderland- 7 of Hearts, Footloose- Lyle, Steel Magnolias- Shelby, Jack the Ripper- Hogarth
Ryder Curtis (Dance Chorus)
Freshman -
Stella Hicks (Dance Chorus)
Freshman - Stella is so honored to be a part of the dance core! She has over 10 years of dance experience, and this will be her 6th official production. She wants to thank her family for their constant support, her directors, choreographer, alumni, and all the other people who made this production possible, and her closest friends (her pookies) for making her feel loved and cherished (they know who they are). Good show!!
Brock Cooper (Featured Company)
Junior - Brock is a dude that is friend's with everyone until you prove him otherwise. He also has acted in 3 shows being footloose the musical and steel magnolias and midsummer nights dream
Carrie Bartlett (Featured Company)
Senior - Carrie is grateful to be a part of Mamma Mia! Her past roles include the Knave of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, Eleanor Dunbrar in Footloose, Shelby in Steel Magnolias, and Ernestine in Jack the Ripper. She loves this theater program and is so excited for everyone to see this production!
Louisa Stuenkel (Featured Company)
Sophomore - Louisa enjoys her time at the theater every day and performing Mamma Mia has been no exception. She was in the musical Footloose and the play Steel Magnolias last year. Louisa wants to thank her family for their constant support and love and her friends for the joy and laughter they bring to the stage. Good show, everyone!!
Ryleigh Enticknap (Featured Company)
Freshman - Ryleigh is a freshman at EHS. Her first role was in Jack the Ripper as Angela in 2023. Ryleigh would like to thank her family, friends, and director for being supportive, and the cast and crew for making things so fun.
Skyler Andrade (Featured Company)
Senior - Skyler is a senior this year and has finally taken the leap to audition for a musical instead of being a tech! As much as they love teching for shows like Footloose or Jack the Ripper, they have had a lot of fun singing and dancing as both masculine and feminine characters on stage. Mama Mia has been such a fun show and they are glad that it is their senior year musical. They also hope everyone has a wonderful time watching the musical!
Sienna Zielie (Featured Company)
Sophomore - Sienna is SO excited to be in Mamma Mia!! It is one of her favorite musicals so this is such a dream!! Before, she has been in Footloose, and worked as a lead technician in both Steel Magnolias and Jack The Ripper. She would like to thank her family and friends, as well as directors and fellow cast and crew for all the support and love!! <3
Titus McCollaum (Featured Company)
Freshman - Titus is an actor new to the EHS program, and this is his first musical. He is incredibly excited to be a part of this production and he's happy to have colaborated on such a great project. Playing Donna's delivery boy, he's local to the island of Kalokari and watching this wild ride of a wedding unfold. Titus is incredibly grateful for all his friends supporting him, as long as his amazing girlfriend and wonderful parents, all of them help him keep going when things get tough and help motivate him to persue acting further.
Coleton Davis (Company)
Senior - Coleton is a senior and is 17 at EHS. He would like to thank all the directors for helping him with the show. He is excited for you guys to see it!
Harlee Luke (Company)
Junior - Harlee is a dancer, actor and singer in the musical. In the past she has performed in many other shows and has been a technician for this school. Harlee is a junior and likes apple juice and garlic bread. She would like to thank her mom for supporting her in this show and her friend, Aliyah Hughes, who is her lifeline.
Jack Myers (Company)
Sophomore - Jack is a sophomore at Enumclaw High School, this is his first musical but he has previously been involved in the production of two school plays, the first being Steel Magnolias in which he was a tech, and Jack the Ripper whom he was a cultist.
Kaydee Baker (Company)
Sophomore - This is Kaydee’s first Musical at EHS. She’s been so excited to try it out and has absolutely loved the experience. She would like to thank all her amazing friends she made in the musical for supporting her and helping her throughout her first performance. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Lexy Downing (Company)
Freshman - Lexy is a sweet, kind and caring person. She has danced in ballet her first - third year of school, I would love to thank my family and friends as they helped me a lot to persue my theater dream.
Marbella Reece (Company)
Sophomore - Bella is so grateful for this experience!
Michaela Monaco (Company)
Freshman - Michaela was a tech in the Jack the Ripper play. She was part of the hair and make up crew. She is now part of 'company' and is excited for being a part of Mamma Mia. Good show!
Rhett Ash (Company)
Sophomore - Rhett is a sophomore at Enumclaw high school, he is very excited to be apart of the production. Rhett has been in all the shows as a tech and is finally in it, he is gonna give it his all.
Taylor Hilkey (Company)
Senior - Taylor Hilkey is a senior at Enumclaw High School. This is her first theater experience and she is a part of the company. She is grateful for this experience and is glad she decided not to pass up this opportunity. She can be very quiet and reserved so this was a good chance for her to step out of her comfort zone and do something she was looking forward to. She enjoys music and art and can be very creative
Victoria Bradley-Woods (Company)
Senior - Victoria is a senior this year, and this is her first acting experience in a musical ever! Victoria would like to thank all of her supporters and say that she's never gonna give you up, or let you down! She's incredibly proud to say that she's never going to run around or desert you! She never lies, and she certainly would never hurt you. Good show!
Vic Heckman (Company)
Sophomore - Vic has only previously been a technician for the drama program, and is very thankful for this opportunity to be on stage, even if he's only company. He worked as a floor technician for Alice in Wonderland along with being an usher for Steel Magnolias.