Puffs Cast

Carl Littlejohn (Wayne Hopkins)
Carl Littlejohn (Wayne Hopkins) in his 6th show with Team Alpha Drama, and he is ecstatic to play the role of Wayne Hopkins. You may have recently seen him as Usnavi in Dearborn Youth Theatre's "In the Heights". He plans on studying Theatre & Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is forever grateful to have the opportunity to perform in front of audiences at the place he loves.
Chris Wright (Oliver Rivers)
Chris Wright (Oliver Rivers) is excited to be back in to doing theatre. You might have seen him in past productions at Riverside Middle school or more recently as ensemble in Matilda The Musical or as the Foley Fish in SpongeBob The Musical. He is happy to be back in his home. Enjoy the show!
Kelsey Genga (Megan Jones)
Kelsey Genga (Megan Jones, Mc G) is a part of her fifth production with Crestwood Theatre. She’d like to thank her friends and family for being so supportive of her!
Yanjie Zhu (Cedric Diggory)
Yanjie Zhu (Cedric Diggory, Mr. Voldy) is a sophomore in his third production with Team Alpha Drama. He also did other production as keyboardist in the pit. He's very excited to play Cedrick and Voldemort. He is a pianist, composer, and expressive all-around musician. He'd like to thank all the mentors that gave him the opportunity to do what he wants to do. He also wants to thank his family for being supportive and understanding for him.
Lara Elhajj (Leanne)
Lara Elhajj (Leanne) is in her 6th show with Crestwood Theatre. This is Lara's senior year play and she is so excited to be able to play such a fun, bubbly, and exciting character. She would like to thank her friends and mom for always supporting her through everything. Enjoy the show!
Ali Boussi (J Finch Fletchley)
Ali Boussi ( J. Finch Fletchly, Ginny, Seamus) is in his 3rd show with drama, and he's very excited to play J Finch. Previously playing Bruce (Matilda The Musical), Ensemble (Spongebob The Musical) , and also Ocean Ensemble (Moana Jr). Boussi likes dancing and having fun. He'd like to give a special thanks to his Family, Friends, and Directors for their endless support in wanting to pursue theatre.
Fay Bazzi (Susie Bones)
Fay Bazzi (Susie Bones, Xavia Jones, Rita Scooter, Costume Crew Manager) is in her 5th show with Crestwood. She’s excited to play Suzie, who is basically a frightened Wednesday Addams.
Sharon Adjanahoun (Sally Perks)
Sharon Adjanohoun (Sally Perks, Rowena, Potions Teacher, Locky) is in her 3rd show at Crestwood! She is very excited to play Sally Perks!! and A Certain Potions teacher ;) plus her other roles! Sharon enjoys singing, and dancing and can’t wait to do the spring musical!
Hana Nasser (Hannah )
Hana Nasser (Hannah, Sal, Second Headmaster, Sproutty, Scorpy, The Bath) is excited to be a part of this years production of Puffs!
Connor Tomsett (Ernie Mac)
Connor Tomsett (Ernie Mac, Victor, Mr. Moody, Uncle Dave) is exited to be in his 4th show with Crestwood theater, Connor is also involved in other Crestwood programs such as the Band and Varsity Hockey.
Lydia Smith (Harry )
Lydia Smith (Harry, Puff Student, Ric Gryff, Ms. Babble) is acting for the 3rd time in a Crestwood production. She is so excited to be a part of the club!
Robin Kovach (Hermeeonay 1)
Ilona Kovach (Hermeeonay 1, Professor Lanny, Blondo,The Bath, Death Buddies) is in her first show at Crestwood and is incredibly excited to play Hermeeonee. She enjoys playing music and is also in Crestwood band! She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their support throughout the course of this show.
Treah Adkins Wingo (Hermeeonay 2)
Traeh Adkins-Wingo (Hermeeonay 2, Colin, Nurse, Costume Crew) is acting in her third show and she is excited to be a part of Puffs. She wants to thank her family and friends for all of their support!
Ryleigh Sandusky (Hermeeonay 3)
Ryleigh Sandusky (Hermeeonay 3, The Bath, Death Buddy) this is my first show with drama, and she's very excitedto play Hermionie 3! Some of her hobbies are coloring and playing with my cats. She'd lik to thank her friends and family for supporting her!
Noor Alabdulrasul (Clumsy Longbottom-)
Noor Alabdulrasul (Frenchy, Brave) is in her 6th show at Crestwood drama. This is her first year acting and she’s so excited to try something new.
Julianna Rahal (Antonia Goldstein)
Julianna Rahal (Antonia Goldstein, Death Buddy, Costume Crew Manager) is in her 4th show with Crestwood Theatre and is really excited to act again! her hobbies are drawing, and reading. she'd like to thank her mom for supporting her through everything.
Maya Anani (Goyle)
Maya Anani (Ghost History Teacher, Sports Puff) is in her 3rd show with drama, she’s so happy to play the role of the Ghost History Teacher and multiple ensemble roles! Her hobbies consist of things like playing instruments, drawing, and snowboarding! She would love to thank her family for supporting her and her friends for helping her grow and get to where she is now! :)
Adam Baitamouni (Turban )
Adam Baitamouni (Professor Turban, Puff Teacher) is in his 7th show with drama, and he's very excited to play Professor Turban! Some of his hobbies are playing painting and photography. He'd like to thank his friends and family for supporting him this whole time!