Shrek The Musical Cast

Shrek (*Ben Marin*)
Ben is thrilled to be playing Shrek in his final performance on the Bristol Eastern stage. He has been in every show since his freshman year and will be continuing to audition for shows through college. His debut as Tiny Tim four years ago has certainly come a long way. He would like to thank his family as well as his two teachers/mentors Mrs. MacDonald and Mrs. Kelly for pushing and guiding him to where he is now.
Adult Princess Fiona/Ogre Fiona (*Alexsia Newman*)
Alexsia is super excited to play a lead role in this year's Musical — Shrek the Musical. She has been a part of each musical during her high school career at BEHS and middle school career at NEMS; growing from ensemble to lead. For BETA, she is the social media and public relations officer. With this role she has promoted the musical on instagram and created a tiktok (@behsbeta). She is also in multiple musical groups at the school. Outside of the music department, she dives, cheers, and runs track for Eastern. During her little free time, she works at the YMCA teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding. She wants to thank her amazing directors and fellow actors for helping her along the way, and her mother for dealing with all of her extracurricular activities and conflicts. She thanks all of you for supporting her everyday and hopes you enjoy the show!
Donkey (Cjay Gibbs)
Cjay Is ecstatic to make his acting debut in Bristol Eastern High School's Spring musical, Shrek the Musical. While Cjay has always loved to sing he has never really thought about being in theater. Cjay is very involved in his school community while being the Public Relations officer for the class of 2023, involved in student council, and is the Varsity Cheerleading captain for the 2022-2023 season. Cjay would like to thank his Family and Friends for always supporting him and giving him the motivation he desires in order to be great in whatever he does!
Lord Farquaad (Makayla Alexis)
Makayla is very grateful to be part of Shrek the Musical at Bristol Eastern High School. She is a Sophomore here and has recently played the part of Grumia in Taming of the Shrew. Her favorite role she has played was the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical Jr. Makayla wants to say a special thank you to her friends and family who have supported her through this time and is looking forward to performances with BETA in the future.
Dragon (Charitee Cecil)
Charitee loves musical theater and is so excited to perform in Shrek The Musical. She is a junior here at Bristol Eastern High School. This is her first musical in 4 to 5 years. In sixth grade she was in School House Rocks as well as this year being in the play Taming Of The Shrew as Vincentia. She would like to say a huge thank you to her friends and family for pushing her out of her comfort zone and having her get back into theater even if it is nerve racking. As well as all the support and help.
Gingy (*Kylie Bernier*)
Kylie is thrilled to be doing her final high school performance, Shrek the Musical, with BEHS’ BETA. She’s participated in BETA all four years of her high school experience and is ready to say goodbye with this spectacular show. She will continue pursuing her passions at Northern Vermont University and is majoring in audio production. She wants to thank her friends for always being there for her and her mom for getting her into musical theater.
Pinocchio (*Erin Moderacki*)
Erin is very excited to have her last show at Bristol Eastern in Shrek the Musical. Erin has been in past plays at BEHS including Seussical, A Christmas Carol, High School Musical, and most recently Taming of the Shrew. She enjoys being a part of beta and is so happy to have joined the club her freshman year. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her throughout all her extracurriculars and hobbies, especially beta.
Captain of the Guards/Duloc Dancer (*Fiona Gallagher*)
Fiona is a senior very excited to be performing with BETA for the first time. She has performed previously with NBYT as well as the OM Show. In her free time you can usually find Fiona on the track, and she wants to thank her team for always supporting her!
Little Pig #1 (*Dana Clukey*)
Little Pig #2 (Aidan Tartarelli)
Aidan is ecstatic to be involved in BEHS’ Shrek: The Musical. He has been a part of two other productions at BEHS, including A Christmas Carol (2019) as Peter Cratchit, and High School Musical as a jock. Aside from BETA, Aidan is a member of the BEHS Band and Jazz Band, the BEHS Model UN, the BEHS chapter of the TRI-M National Honor Society, and Lancer Nation. You can find him on the Lancers’ Track & Field team. He is thankful for his family’s support and attendance of his numerous activities.
Little Pig #3 (Anabelle Redline)
Anabelle is very excited to continue working with BETA to put on Shrek. She recently worked with them on Taming of the Shrew, earlier in the year. When not at school, she likes to paint and do many creative things. You might find her origami around, be it on stage or in classrooms. She wants to thank her family for supporting her in everything she does.
White Rabbit (Avery Costello)
Avery is very happy to be in Shrek the Musical playing the role of the White Rabbit. She recently played the role of Hortensia in Taming of the Shrew, also a production put on by Bristol Eastern. Also when she was a student at NEMS (North East Middle School), she was involved in the productions of Annie jr. and Frozen jr. She is a Freshman at BEHS, and enjoys being in theater very much! She would like to thank all her friends, family, and all the people who made this amazing show possible!! <3 :)
Fairy Godmother, Duloc Dancer, Flying Creature (Gwenevere Tanner )
Gwenevere is ready to make her theater debut in Bristol Eastern High School production of Shrek The Musical. She is loving her first year in high school. When she is not training to get her black belt in tae kwon do she is hanging with friends or family. She wants to thank all of her family for helping her make it to rehearsals and supporting her through this journey.
Peter Pan, Duloc Dancer, Morning Rat, Human Cast, asst. Dance Capt (Taylor Berube)
Taylor is very eager to be back on stage for the production of Shrek the Musical. She has been involved in the arts from the young age of 3, a dancer, singer, and theatre member who has loved being a part of BETA the past 3 years of her high school career. She dances at Dance Arts Centre and has shown her excitement and love for the art while being a dance captain in the show this year. Taylor would like to lend a very big thank you to Miss Palmero, Mrs. MacDonald, Mr. Bagley, Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Burdelski for all of their support and hard work this year.
Wicked Witch (Olivia Guitard)
Olivia is excited for Shrek the musical. She has done shows in middle school such as Frozen, Annie and Elf. She is a sophomore at BEHS You’ll find her Co-leading the literature club and working on her piece for the schools gala. She wants to thank her Mom, Dad and friends for supporting her.
Sugar Plum Fairy, Dragon Knight, Blind Mouse (Holly Cushing)
Holly is very excited to be a part of Shrek the Musical at Bristol Eastern. She has recently been Biondella in Taming of the Shrew with BETA, Her favorite role was Annie in Annie Jr in Northeast Middle School’s Drama Club. She loves and cherishes her whole support team consisting of her brother, her mom and dad, her friends, and every person in this theater production. She has gotten so close to all of the people in this musical and wanted to say thank you to everyone that made her time in this show so special and perfect.
Ugly Duckling (*Kalista Santiago*)
Kalista is incredibly excited to be participating in her final high school performance, Shrek: The Musical. Her most recent performance was in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew as Baptista Minola with Bristol Eastern Theater Arts (BETA). In the past she had been an ensemble member in shows such as Seussical the Musical, A Christmas Carol, and Charlotte's Web , also with BETA. She performed all throughout middle school and has taken classes on acting through Bristol Parks and Recreation as well as through Bristol Eastern High School. Currently, she is planning on going to college for screenwriting and directing. She would like to thank all of her friends and family for all of the support they have given her over the years.
Mama Bear, Duloc Performer, Flying Creature (Hannah Caron)
Hannah is very excited to be part of Shrek the Musical at Bristol Eastern High School. Hannah has been been performing in theater since the age of 10. Her first role was Dorothy in Wizard of Oz at GUND. Her favorite role was Story Teller in Once On This Island at CT Family Theater. Hannah would like to thank all who have supported her love of theater.
Baby Bear + Cow (Jordyn Dombroski)
Jordyn is very excited to be part of Shrek The Musical at BEHS. In the past, Jordyn has been a part of Taming of The Shrew with BEHS (earlier this year), Annie Jr. with NEMS (2019) and Ragtime with Connecticut Theatre Company (2018). Aside from theater, Jordyn is also involved in Softball with BEHS and is often practicing at home, as well as rehearsing for Shrek The Musical to prepare!!
Mamma Ogre, 3 Blind Mice, Guard, Morning Rat, Assistant choreographer (*Julia Leba*)
Julia is so excited to be back on stage with BEHS for her senior show! She was first on stage at BEHS during her junior year in High school Musical the musical, as Martha Cox. Julia has also been involved with community theater since she was 7 years old, and is active with Connecticut Theater Company in New Britain CT. Her most recent shows with CTC have been, Guys and Dolls (2021), Holiday Inn (2021), 9 to 5 the musical (2022), and she is currently in the rehearsal process for “The Full Monty”. Outside of theater Julia has been a competitive dancer with The Dance Experience since the age of 3. Although she is headed off to The University of Connecticut for a major in Allied Health Sciences this fall, She still hopes to be involved in as much dance and theater that she can fit into her schedule since it has been a lifelong passion of hers.
Big Bad Wolf, Papa Ogre (Nicholas Nadeau)
Teen Fiona, Bluebird, Guard (Shillelagh Gallagher)
Shillelagh Gallagher is delighted to be a part of “ Shrek: the musical” At BEHS. She has also starred in several NBYT productions, such as “ mary poppins' ' and “ Frozen”. When she's not busy with school, She enjoys crafting, making earrings, listening to music, and scented candles. She wants to thank her parents, for their patience and support, her younger sister Calliope, for dealing with her atrocious sense of humor, and her older sister Fiona, for being her reluctant chauffeur.
Young Fiona, Thelonius (Calliope Gallagher)
Calliope is grateful to be part of Bristol Easterns Shrek the Musical. Calliope is a 7th grader at Chippens Hill Middle School. She enjoys playing trumpet and piano, and is hoping to one day become a professional actress. Calliope has been in a few musicals before this one, and hopes that her limited experience will help her. Calliope wants to thank her little brother, who has stuck with her even when things have gotten tricky.
Pied Piper, Bishop (Aiden Cincotta)
Aiden is very excited to be taking part in this year’s production of Shrek at Bristol Eastern! Recently, Aiden can be seen in productions like High School Musical Jr. (Ryan), Matilda the musical (Nigel, Thomaston Opera House) and in Newsies (Dancer, Warner Theatre). Aiden, a past alum of the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School, where he focused on the Musical Theater and Dance Track. Aiden would like to thank the cast, crew, and creative team for all of the amazing work and experience.
Papa Bear (*Cameron Goodman*)
Guard (Kylie White)
Morning Rat (*Faith Boilard*)
Faith Boilard is incredibly excited to have been able to contribute to this year’s show- Shrek the Musical! She has been part of the BETA shows the past couple years, continuing her career from a history of plays and shows since she was only 4 years old! Throughout the years, Faith has been in upwards of 30 plays and musicals, as well as being a part of chorus and other musical groups like Madrigal Singers and Strawberry Fields and traveling to New York as part of a casting agency to appeal in various shows and movies. Outside of the music department, she stays active in her community through volunteer and fundraising opportunities, as well as working two jobs. She would like to think her fellow cast for pulling her into this show, as it has been an incredibly fun experience! Additionally, she wants to think all of her previous music directors as well as her family and friends for working with her busy schedule and pushing her to do her best in all given opportunities. She hopes you all enjoy the show!
Young Shrek (Riley Shugrue )