Our Mission ~ Our vision

Our mission is to bring together multicultural communities through performing arts and cultural events, to establish pathways for new and established independent artists, and to promote Paterson as a regional hub for the creative arts. Our vision is to see the development of a Paterson Performance Arts Center (PPAC) to serve as an all-inclusive permanent physical space for culturally diverse theater groups, students, producers, and independent artists (playwrights, musicians, dancers, poets, etc.) from within and outside of the City of Paterson. PPADC works to reduce barriers of participation for diverse artists of multiple disciplines by helping them gain knowledge and experience that will further their professional development. PPADC promotes cultural exchange and raises awareness about the performing arts. We create opportunities for working artists with limited resources to showcase existing works and to produce a new body of work. We provide affordable and accessible high-quality performing arts and cultural events to diverse communities. This is accomplished through our all-inclusive Show Me The Monologue Playwriting competition and playwright-in-residence program, student apprenticeship for urban youth, the Hamilton Heritage Fest, Hamilton Arts Festival, and signature community cultural events.