Our mission is to create community through transformative theatre.

Our vision is to help South Florida become a more empathetic and thoughtful community.

We value


Professional & Artistic Excellence

We value and commit to staging powerful and poignant works that are theatrically excellent, emotionally engaging, thematically challenging, and ultimately, transformative. 

We value and commit to thorough collaboration of board, staff, artists, and volunteers, welcoming diverse and unique perspectives and celebrating the beauty of multiple experiences.

We value and commit to employing professionals of the highest caliber and providing a safe, creative, and challenging environment for them to grow and thrive. 

We value and commit to creating an ensemble: a group of artists who regularly work together in various capacities and on various projects. 


Equity & Anti-Racism

We value and commit to diversifying not only the plays we produce and therefore the actors on stage, but the directors and designers who bring NCP plays to life. We believe that the more our work onstage and backstage reflects the community we serve, the more beautiful the work will be.

We value and commit to color-conscious casting which acknowledges race and serves to deepen theatrical conversations, and we will make this clear in all casting breakdowns.

We value and commit to adding BIPOC community members to our board of directors, ensuring that our value of welcoming diverse and unique perspectives at the top of our organization and celebrating the beauty of multiple experiences is acted upon.

We value and commit whatever funds necessary to ongoing and required anti-racist training for our board, staff, company members, and project directors.

We value and commit to educating young artists and exposing them to a creatively fulfilling and artistically integrated lifestyle.


Honoring Our Community

We value and commit to investing in the artistic flourishing of our community. Overwhelmingly, the artists we hire will be South Florida residents.

We value and commit to creating intimate theatre experiences, where audiences are physically close to the actors and feel involved in the story.

We value and commit to radical hospitality. Every artist and volunteer we work with and every patron who attends our shows will be treated with the utmost respect and hospitality.


Stewardship of Resources

We value and commit to artistic integrity, affordable ticket prices, and continual development of free or low-cost outreach and educational events and services. 

We value and commit to fiscal responsibility and financial security by means of achieving a balanced budget.

We value and commit to the future of our community and will continue to pursue new financial, economical, technological, and artistic developments in an ever changing world to ensure institutional longevity.



We value and commit to being humble. We acknowledge that we have made mistakes in the past. We know that we will continue to make mistakes in the future, but we must press on for the cause of transformation. We need each other. We need to call out injustice when we see it. And we need to humbly accept being called out. If you consider yourself a part of the NCP community whether as an artist, audience member, or donor this is us asking you to call us “in” and hold us accountable to these values.

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