about mcps

Martinsville City Public Schools is a small yet innovative school system whose successes have attracted state and national recognition. As you enter our doors through this website, we hope you can see and feel the excitement and energy we share as we serve 2000 students in grades PreK-12th grade.

Our standard for educating our students is nothing short of excellence, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous academic curriculum, as well as our full array of arts, music, and sports programming.

Like you, we want our schools to be purposeful places of learning for our students, and our programs are designed to help all students learn the knowledge and skills necessary to be “college and career ready” upon high school graduation. The multitude of these programs and services we provide are carefully designed and implemented by an outstanding staff of teachers, administrators, and support personnel. Their professionalism and dedication leads them to work tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of our students.

We believe that our vision – Empowering success one learner at a time – is one that will remind us that learning comes not only from books and lectures. At Martinsville City Public Schools, we strive to engage our students in meaningful, relevant coursework that will allow them to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it outside of their school’s walls.

Please join us in planting the seeds of excellence and become a part of the legacy we are creating for both our children and ourselves– one where we empower success one learner at a time. You will find no endeavor to be more noble or rewarding!

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