The Baton Rouge Magnet Theatre Department strives To create a Process-Driven positive and supportive atmosphere and an environment where our actors and technicians have a better chance to be successful in life because they were involved in our program through personal development, student academic success, being the best theatre practitioner they can be and investing in their ability to be successful in the future.

We let ourselves fall into these romances...these six-week love affairs with a piece of art, a cast of family members (often loved, sometimes hated, but always family), a character, a song, a dance...a role.

We let these romances become our lives.  They consume us.  We think of them when we wake.  We dream of them when we sleep.  They are what we live for...but only for a moment and never too long.  Eventually, the show closes and the affair ends.  We mourn the closing but again never too long.

On the horizon is another beauty, just waiting for us to fall in love with and devote ourselves entirely to.  To dance again with our love.  But only for a little while...for very soon, she too will be gone.

We fall in love with these stories and characters.  We laugh and we cry.  We learn to spread our wings and fly.  Sometimes all at the same time.  We find ourselves through this artistic expression.  We question everything and never stop learning about the world around us.  And above all, we never stop learning about ourselves.  This is when you LIVE as a theatre artist.

Everyone is welcome.  The theatre is a place where you are celebrated for being who you are.  It is a safe place where your unique personalities and traits are an asset.

In the theatre, as in life, everyone has a role to play.  We work together to gain a deeper understanding of not only the world around us, but also of ourselves.  In the theatre, we create art and learn empathy.

We are Drama Re-Defined.  In the relaxed but controlled classroom, it is intended to be an improvisational classroom activity where our participants are not performers but deeply involved in dramatic play.  Our fellow players are not the audience but rather observers.  Nothing we do is rehearsed---it is practiced.  After the drama is created, it is never critiqued---it is evaluated.