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Please be sure to check your selection carefully before purchasing - one option at every show is for in-person live seating at the Broomfield auditorium and one is for at-home, live-stream viewing from your computer or other electronic device. 

Whichever path you choose, THANK YOU for connecting with us to keep art thriving in these difficult times. 

In-person audience members are encouraged to come dressed in your best pirate costume** or 1980s flair! You may win a prize for best dressed! 

** No live parrots in the auditorium, please, even if they will really bring your pirate costume to life!


COVID Precautions: Our seating chart is set to create physical distancing between each ticketed group by blocking one seat between each group order. The seat-selection feature automatically puts these empty seats between each order. Please consider this when choosing your seats and do not leave single seats open between your group and the surrounding blocked seats. PLEASE NOTE: BLUE SEATS ARE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE - THEY DO NOT HAVE A CHAIR. 


Our goal is to make attendance to this show as safe and simple as possible! We appreciate all audience members wearing masks. If you do not feel comfortable with in-person performances, or if you are not able to travel to see the show in person; please select the ONLINE streaming ticket option for any show! The streamed show will be viewable at the same time as the live show (with a brief delay due to tech). The online shows will NOT be available for on demand viewing. 

Backup plans for COVID: In an effort to make sure we have a backup plan for our audiences to enjoy the show, we have two back up plans in place. 

  1. If our cast is able to perform on stage in November BUT we are not able to host a live audience; all reserved live tickets will automatically be converted to live-streaming tickets for the same scheduled night.
  2. Our cast will be recording a performance in mid-October. If COVID precautions in November prevent us from recording or performing our show in the scheduled venue, everyone who has purchased a ticket will automatically be sent an on demand ticket to view the pre-recorded version! We do not plan to sell tickets to an on demand version separately or at all if we are able to host our November performances in any way.

Not Just Anything, a Wellspring Fundraiser

May 20, 2022


The Enchanted Bookshop

Jul 08 - Jul 09, 2022