About Fade

In the vibrant tapestry of "Fade," the intricate threads of class and race entwine. Follow Lucia, a trailblazing Mexican-born novelist, on her groundbreaking journey into the world of television writing. Amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Lucia forms an unexpected bond with Abel, a janitor whose quiet strength and wisdom resonate deeply with her own experiences. As their friendship blooms, secrets unravel and barriers dissolve, unveiling the raw beauty of shared humanity amidst societal divisions. Join them in exploring the transformative power of connection and authenticity in this riveting tale of identity and belonging.

Vanguard Theater

Founded in 2015, Vanguard Theater is a not-for-profit company changing social and cultural narratives through theater dedicated to DREAM: Diversity, Reciprocity, Education, Activism & Mentorship. For more information, visit www.VanguardTheaterCompany.org or find us across social media @VTCNJ and #dreamVTC 

OUR VISION: To be recognized as a model in the theater community for purposeful inclusion of diverse voices and stories; partnerships that propel cross community conversations; and casting and leadership that reflects our communities.