Who will win the doctors heart? Or Be careful who you cheer for! Creative

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Rhonda Duce
The crazy writer and director of the show is Rhonda Duce. Rhonda has been part of the theater audience for years, and joined the cast in the recent Christmas show. Rhonda recently got hired as a Special Education Teacher at Pinehurst and Canyon Elementary Schools. Rhonda would like to dedicate this show to her son, Drake, who pushed her to submit her script. Her Daughter, Harley, for being her right hand in writing, directing & building the set. Also her Husband, Mark, and 2 younger daughters, Meredith & Kennedy, for all their love, support and putting up with her being so busy the last couple months.
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Lights and Tickets
Meredith Duce
Manning our lights and tickets for the third summer is Meredith Duce. When Meredith isn’t controlling lights for our theater, she is playing the french horn and mellophone for the Kellogg High School Bands. She is part of the high school cross country team and the track throwing team. Meredith also enjoys all forms of art, especially drawing and painting.