Who will win the doctors heart? Or Be careful who you cheer for! Cast

Jesaray Harpel (Dr. Sarah Elligant)
Coming all the way from Michigan, Jesaray Harpel came back to the Silver Valley to play our lovely Dr. Sarah Elligant. This is the tenth show that Jesaray will be performing in at the Sixth Street Melodrama. She has cowritten a show, plus has also written and directed a show as well. We are lucky to have her return to our family for the summer. Jesaray would like to dedicate her performance to her parents for being her biggest supporters and biggest fans.
Garyk McGillvray (Thomas Ophidian)
The always entertaining Lord Reverend Garyk McGillvray is Thomas Ophidian. (Yes folks, he really does have those titles) Garyk has made us laugh, cheer and boo in at least 6 productions here at the theater. His favorite performance so far has been the Vintage Hitchcock. When not acting on our stage, Garyk currently is a proud stay at home dog dad and collects Pokemon on his phone. Garyk would like to dedicate his performance to Chandra, his favorite planeswalker..
Zeke Hess (Jarrod Jones)
The bright and brave Jarrod Jones is played by Zeke Hess. Zeke performed for the first time during last summer’s show here at the theater. He has also performed in high school drama productions. Zeke attends Mullan High School where he enjoys playing football, learning new math equations, and reciting pi. Zeke would like to dedicate his performance to his split personality, Timmy.
Tanner Lee (Mr. Adam)
Tanner Lee first graced our stage during the recent Christmas show and is now back to be the brave ranger Mr. Adam. Tanner performed through elementary school and middle school in many different productions. When not on our stage, Tanner is playing football and involved in JROTC at Kellogg High School where he will be a senior this fall. Tanner would like to dedicate his performance to his family who are his greatest supporters and Mrs. Persoon for encouraging him to act.
Daighla Williams (Allison Brainerd)
After a short hiatus from acting, Daighla Williams is back on stage portraying Allison Brainerd. Daighla has been in 3 shows here at Sixth Street and was very active in drama during High School, including competing at state. The love of theater will continue throughout her adult life. Daighla would like to dedicate her performance to Garyk McGillvray and her amazing friend group that has become family. They continue to encourage her to be the best she can be.
Kennedy Duce (Sproles)
Helping our animal, the Sproles, come to life and joining our melodrama family is Kennedy Duce. Kennedy has been influenced by 2 older siblings who have been very active on stage. Kennedy is getting ready to start high school at Kellogg High School this fall.Kennedy likes to jam out with her siblings on car trips. Kennedy would like to dedicate her performance to her sister, Harley, for encouraging her to join theater and her mom, Rhonda. who gave her this opportunity to be in the show.