Children of Hooverville Cast

Kinzie Kelley (IDA)
Kinzie Grace Kelley is a 14 year old eighth grader who enjoys baking, sewing, other types of crafts, and baby-sitting her three younger brothers. She is playing foster in the jerry walker middle school play "we are the masks. she thanks her family and freinds for thier suporrt and hopes u enjoy the show
Paola Arzate (SHIRLEY)
paola is a 8th grader at jerry walker middle school. the've been in one theater show and exited to be in more
Chris (CARL)
Christopher Pena is a 13 year old who enjoys acting and also drawing he is an eighth grader he is very energetic and likes performing and entertaining others.
Journey Ghering-Sanders (BETTY)
Hello My Name is Journey And I am in 7th Grade I do Premier Martial Arts and I love it. I am Currently a Red Belt right now. And I have been a big Theater fan since I had Been introduced to it From my Sister, both of my Parents, and From last year with Mr.P! and since then I have been a Huge Fan and really Loved it and so are my Parents They're really big fans as well.
Kylie Bouaphavong  (ELSIE)
is an 8th grader at Walker Middle School. other roles in WMS plays include Cara-sue,and lane in 6ft scenes. Kylie's also include in WMS Bel Canto Varsity Choir. she thanks her teachers for the support.
Ruby Irwin Carey (Myrtle)
hi i'm ruby irwin carey im 12 years old. i was born on january 6th 2010 and i really love to act! i was in choir for 2 years. i have a sister that i love so so much! thank you!
Kaysen (Frances)
I enjoy playing this charter and i love acting
Brylee Irizarry (Vivian)
Brylee is a 12 year old girl in her second play in walker middle school, having previously played playing Xandra and Macy's Mom, in We Are Masks; she is happy to be working in the WMS theater company. Her hobbies are hanging out with friends and watching horror movies. Previous productions was called Six Foot Scenes by Lindsey Price, she thanks her friends and family for their support and hopes you enjoy the show.
Ahna Sophia Schatz (RUTH)
likes art and theatre and enjoys physics. A martial arts devotee, Lou, loves to draw and sketch ideas for fun. Her favorite color is yellow. Lou dreams hyperrealistic galaxies.
Ashtyn Young (EDDIE)
"Ryder" is thrilled to be in this years production, again. His hobbies are numerous and his interests are varied.
Emily (PATSY)
Ani (Charlotte)
Jonatan Sosa (Donald)