About What Could go Wrong?

This a great night of ridiculous comedy from writers Scott Charles, Mark Heckman and Elise Hodge along with intense drama from Judith Plank, Edward Nason and Tim Foley! While this is a 10 minute play festival, this show is seamlessly woven together for a night of fun and heart, exploring many ways that phrase strikes a cord: What Could Go Wrong? 

From an infomercial about selling regenerative body parts (*warning, adult humor) and a class full of wanna be comedy writers, to tackling abuse of women and ourselves, this show will take you on an unexpected journey that will leave you thoroughly entertained! 

Performances run May 18 - June 3rd and we will have one matinee on June 3rd at 2pm in addition to our 8pm show. 

EMH Productions/Artist's Collective




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EMH Productions and The Artist's Collective:

2023 will be the 11th year for EMH Productions to bring thought provoking, intimate and unique stories to life. EMH Productions supports the art of acting, directing, producing and writing through live theatre productions, film, TV and casting.  The mission is to provide an arena that artists in this industry can network, grow their craft and find support to achieve their goals. Bring me your dream project as a producer, writer, director or actor and let's see what we can do together to bring it to fruition!  Success awaits! 

Join the newest venture from EMH, The Artist's Collective. This is a wonderfully talented group of professional and amtuer artists who are working towards their individual dreams, while lending support to one another along the way. It is home to The Writer's Room, where local playwrights and screenwriters meet up to share their work, get constructive feedback and become produced for the stage or screen.

The Writer's Room at EMH and The Artist's Collective

Writers are the backbone of the entire entertainment industry. Without our stories, there would be no reason to have producers, directors, actors, and crew. We are what begin the whole process of bringing to life the world we want to see on stage or on the screen.


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